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How to Get The Revolver in Sons of the Forest

Craig Robinson

The "Revolver" iconRevolver is one of the easily missed weapons in Sons of the Forest, thanks to the weapon being the most far-flung weapon to get. This item is locked away in Maintenance Shaft C, the northeast of the map under the golf course. You have no other reason to go this way, thanks to there being almost nothing in this region. Anyway, if you want to round out your arsenal, here’s a look at how to get the Revolver in Sons of the Forest.

Here is how to get the "Revolver" iconRevolver in Sons of the Forest, including tips on using it.

How to get the Revolver in the Sons of the Forest.

The main steps for getting the Revolver in Sons of the Forest is as follows:

  1. Obtain the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard. You can learn more about getting the !Maintenance Keycard via this guide.
  2. Head to the northeast of the island. This is to the east of the beach cave, where you follow the coastline to the other side of the island you spawn on.
  3. Open your map and look for the green POI dot you can see somewhere from the Golf Course area on the map.
  4. Dead to the blip on the map, and dig the ground near the shovel marker.
  5. Head inside the maintenance shaft. and find the dead maintenance worker in the unfurnished bedroom.
  6. Loot the revolver beside his corpse.

How to use the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

Now that you have the Revolver, you can use it. You need to know that this weapon uses the same ammo as the pistol, aka "9mm Ammo" icon9mm Ammo. Firing this ammunition type from the Revolver will deal more damage than your standard sidearm. However, the Revolver can only hold six rounds before reloading it. The result is that this weapon is meant to be used s a big burst weapon against large foes at range.

The other key difference between the "Pistol" iconPistol and Revolver is that the Revolver cannot be customized. The Pistol can take the "Pistol Rail" iconPistol Rail, "Silencer" iconSilencer, "Flashlight Attachment" iconFlashlight Attachment and "Laser Sight Mod" iconLaser Sight Mod. However, the Revolver can only be equipped. This makes the Pistol a much better weapon to use in caves, either to source light, or to silence your rounds and pick off mutants that can only detect you via sound, such as the "Faceless" iconFaceless or "Fingers" iconFingers.

In our opinion, this makes the Revolver an ideal weapon to use when you’re playing base defense. This weapon can pop the mightiest of mutants attacking your base, or even take down the "Red Paint Sumo" iconRed Paint Sumo, or his fellow "Heavy Cannibal" iconHeavy Cannibals, including those who wear the masks. It is also useful for fighting the John 2.0 mutant as well when you need to unload strong damage rounds at a distance.

This concludes our guide on how to find and use the Revolver in Sons of the Forest. Do you have to any other tips on how to use the weapon best, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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