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All Sons of the Forest Keycards and How to Get Them

Craig Robinson

Sons of the Forest has several areas of the game that you need to visit to complete the storyline and get your hands on great items. Many ranged weapons, and weapons border-lining on tools come from these locations. But, most of these are blocked off from players looking to adventure and get them via Keycards. So, to help you progress with the story, and get your hands on these items, you must find multiple Keycards. Here is how to get all Sons of the Forest Keycards.

Here is how to get all Sons of the Forest Keycards in the game.

How to get All Sons of the Forest Keycards

In total, there are three Sons of the Forest Keycards available for you to pickup. These are:

  1. "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard
  2. "VIP Keycard" iconVIP Keycard
  3. "Guest Keycard" iconGuest Keycard

The "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard is the first one you need to get through a long process in the early game. The VIP Keycard follows not long after you get the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard, and the guest keycard is a utility card that only works briefly in the Night Club area of the bunkers. Below we’ll teach you how to come across these Sons of the Forest Keycards in the right order.

How to Get All Sons of the Forest Keycards

(1 of 3) When inside the maintenance A bunker, head inside the room and get the keycard on the desk. This will allo you to access the other two Keycards in the Sons of the Forest.

To get all Sons of the Forest Keycards, you must venture through various places. The first Keycard you will need to earn is the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard. We have a specific guide on getting the Maintenance Keycard that if you want to know every detail. But, the general summary is this:

  1. Visit the Miners Cave for the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun
  2. Visit the Beach Cave for the "Rebreather" iconRebreather
  3. Visit the "Slingshot" iconSlingshot Cave for the "Shovel" iconShovel
  4. Go east from the "Slingshot" iconSlingshot Cave to the green POI on your Tracker.
  5. Dig the hole, and enter the Maintenance A shaft.
  6. Pick up the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard on the desk in the room playing music.

Now you have this keycard, you can enter three other points of interest, two of which are nearby. You will then be able to head to the POI near the beach, where you found the grave. You can also head to the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer Lab, which is down the hill and below the "Slingshot" iconSlingshot cave. But, the first one you should visit is the Food Bunker POI, which is the one near the Beach Cave and the Grave you got the "GPS Tracker" iconGPS Tracker from.

When you enter the food bunker, use the keycard on the door near the mess hall. This takes you into the food production area of the bunker. Follow it along, picking items up along the way, and you can also get a "Crossbow" iconCrossbow too. Follow the bunker down towards the flooded waterway, and then you will eventually come across a flooded hallway with some stairs near a white light, and another doorway on the left. Inside the room on the left is a desk, with an orange keycard. This will grant you access to the "VIP Keycard" iconVIP Keycard, which you’ll need later on in the storyline.

The other Sons of the Forest Keycard you can grab is the Guest Keycard. The Guest Keycard comes from the 3D printer Point of Interest below the "Slingshot" iconSlingshot Cave. When you enter, follow the corridor left, then turn right to reach the keycard door you need to enter using the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard. Now follow the Bunker through the exercise area, then into the sauna room, up the stairs, go through the swimming pool bar area, and then into the Dance floor booth area. In one of the booths will be a bunch of dead partygoers, with one unfortunate soul sprawled across the table. Behind the corpse is a Guest Keycard to acquire. This Keycard is only used to escape the bunker, and nothing more.

And there you have it, you now have all the important Sons of the Forest Keycards in the game. Good luck going through the story, and progressing with the game.


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