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How to Craft a Spear in Sons of the Forest

Shane Williams

Sons of The Forest is a sequel to The Forest and it was finally launched on February 24th 2023. As you may already know if you played the previous game you’ll have lots of enemies, such as Cannibals/Wild Animals attacking you, so a better weapon than an Axe would make life a lot easier. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to crafting a Spear.

You can craft the Spear via the "Backpack" iconBackpack.

Spear Recipe in Sons of The Forest

Before you can craft a spear you’ll need to obtain 3 items which are the following, Knife, "Stick" iconSticks x2 and a "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape. If you haven’t already done so, open up your inventory by pressing I-Key, then open the the emergency pack which was given to you from the start of the game. Inside you’ll find a Knife, Axe and GPS. Next up, you’ll need to find some sticks which can either be found on the floor or by destroying bushes to cause them to fall.

However, a stick isn’t always guaranteed to drop, but it seems to drop more often when destroying the red bushes. Finally, you’ll need to find some "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape which is arguably the hardest item to find for this weapon. If you fully searched the crash site at the start of the game, then you should already have a couple pieces of tape.

(1 of 2) Combine the Knife, "Stick" iconSticks and "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape

Combine the Knife, "Stick" iconSticks and "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape (left), You can use the Spear to fight enemies from a distance. (right)

If not, then you’ll want to look for camps and search boxes with yellow lids and hope they are inside. After you’ve found all the required items, then you’ll want to open up your inventory and hover over the items and press MouseRightButton to “Combine”, then once they’re all in the middle, interact with the cog in the top right and the crafting animation will begin.

Best Uses For The Spear

Although the Spear isn’t the strongest weapon in the game, it’s certainly better then the Axe for specific tasks, such as combat, as the long range will allow you to engage in fights without getting to close. This should allow you to avoid prevent getting hit and losing health when trying to fight of Cannibals. However, you may be wondering how to switch from the axe to the spear quickly and you can find out how to do so here: Fastest Way To Change Equipment

Additionally, whilst you’re starting out your woodland exploration you will be struggling to find food until you set up a decent "Fish" iconFish/Animal Traps. Thankfully, the Spear is your best friend in the early portion of the game, as you’ll be able to stand in shallow water and stab the fish as they swim past!

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