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How to Get the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Scott Peers

The "Pistol" iconPistol is one of the first guns that you can access in the early game for Sons of the Forest, and it’s a useful weapon to have against multiple enemies in a tight spot. We’ll show you exactly where to find the "Pistol" iconPistol on this page.

Location of the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

To find the "Pistol" iconPistol, you’ll need to use your "GPS Tracker" iconGPS Tracker map and follow the purple icons with an exclamation mark. There is no compass system at this stage in the game, so it’s difficult to say which marker you should follow. However, you need to look for the one which seems to send you out to sea. The other two markers should be located on land. Follow the marker in the ocean and you’ll soon reach a beach, from which you can swim to the point that you’ll slowly begin to realize is a life raft. You can match the geography from our map to your map using the screenshot below if necessary.

(1 of 2) Build a shelter to save your game before you swim to the life raft.

Build a shelter to save your game before you swim to the life raft. (left), You'll see the life raft in the distance as you look out to sea. (right)

Swim to the Life Raft and Avoid the Sharks

There are sharks swimming in the waters around this life raft, so you need to be careful to avoid them as you’re swimming. The most important thing to remember here is not to stop swimming. The sharks will be more curious at first so they’re unlikely to attack you immediately. They may bump into you or take small chunks of your health, but by this time you should have reached the life raft if you’ve been swimming at full speed.

Once you reach the life raft, climb up into it and look down. You’ll see the pistol there alongside some other useful items such as MRE packs and flares. You’ll notice that the purple marker on the map will be gone at this point as well, since you’ve found another dead team member as part of your main objectives. If you have enough ammo, you can use the pistol to kill any sharks that might be encircling the life raft, or you can risk swimming to the shore while you hope they don’t take an interest in you!

(1 of 2) You'll need to clamber up into the life raft before the sharks start to nip.

You'll need to clamber up into the life raft before the sharks start to nip. (left), The "Pistol" iconPistol can be found here inside the life raft. (right)

How to Use the Pistol

As mentioned above, you’ll need to have enough ammunition before you can use the "Pistol" iconPistol, but so long as you’ve been looting all the containers you come across, you should have at least a few rounds. The "Pistol" iconPistol isn’t exactly the most powerful weapon, but it has a decent fire rate and it can be useful when fighting multiple enemies at once in a tight space. Just make sure you aim for the head (or other weak points on specific creatures) to kill enemies as quickly as possible without wasting any bullets. If you’re out of ammo, you can find plenty in different camps and caves throughout the map.


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