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How to Craft & Use Storage in Sons of The Forest

Shane Williams

Sons of The Forest is a sequel to The Forest and it was finally launched on February 24th 2023. As you may already know if you played the previous game, having somewhere to store all your items is a necessity otherwise you’ll have to leave useful items, such as Food, "Meds" iconMeds and Drinks.

Select the Storage from your "Guide Book" iconGuide Book.

Storage Recipes in Sons of The Forest

Name Requirement
"Stick" iconStick Storage x6 "Stick" iconSticks
"Bone" iconBone Storage x7 "Stick" iconSticks
"Rock" iconRock Storage x7 "Stick" iconSticks
"Log" iconLog Storage x8 "Stick" iconSticks
Shelf x2 "Log" iconLogs
Wall Shelf x2 "Stick" iconSticks, x1 "Log" iconLog
Mannequin x20 "Stick" iconSticks, x5 "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape

There are multiple types of storage option in Sons of The Forest and each one has it’s own specific purpose, "Stick" iconStick Storage is purely for "Stick" iconSticks, "Rock" iconRock Storage is purely for "Rock" iconRocks, Wall Shelf are for consumables, like food and drink etc.Whilst you’re busy exploring the camps, caves and bunkers you’ll stock up on lots of different items, such as "Meds" iconMeds, "Energy Drink" iconEnergy Drinks and food and there’s a large variety. You can find "Crunchie Wunchies" iconCrunchie Wunchies, "Ramen Noodles" iconRamen Noodles and MRE’s.

(1 of 2) Place the Template and add the required materials

Place the Template and add the required materials (left), Press C to place the items. (right)

However, eventually you won’t be able to carry in more, so you’ll be forced to leave them which is not something you want to do in a survival. Thankfully, Storage in Sons of The Forest is relatively simple to craft, as all you’ll need is a lot of "Stick" iconSticks which can either be found on the floor or by destroying bushes to cause them to fall. However, a stick isn’t always guaranteed to drop, but it seems to drop more often when destroying the red bushes. Besure to have a decent melee weapon equipped, such as a Spear so you can defend yourself against wild enemies or cannibals. Alternatively, you can send out "Kelvin" iconKelvin to fetch for some sticks.

How To Craft Storage

Once you’ve acquired the required amount sticks for the type of storage you desire, open up the "Guide Book" iconGuide Book by pressing B-Key then hold X-Key to bring up the crafting section, then you’ll want to select the Option which is the fourth one down and select the type of storage you want. Here you’ll be presented with a template that you’ll need to place. After you’ve found a spot and placed it down, press E-Key to place the required amount of materials, then it’ll be ready for use.


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