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How to Craft Armor Pieces in Sons of the Forest

Scott Peers

The crafting system in Sons of the Forest is similar to how it functioned in its predecessor, The Forest. It’s a fairly unique system which involves combining different items in your inventory to create a finished product. This means that you don’t necessarily need any equipment to craft most armor pieces, since you can do it pretty much wherever you are on the map so long as you have the materials. We’ll show you exactly how to craft armor on this page, with links to each type in our database.

Crafting Armor in Sons of the Forest

The armor system in Sons of the Forest allows you to equip multiple pieces of different types. It’s not like some other games where you get a standard Helmet, Torso, Arms, and Leg armor. Instead, in most cases the armor piece that you equip will be placed randomly on your body, but you’ll usually see it showing on your arms or legs first. There are currently six main armor types that you can obtain, but not all armor can be crafted. Some of it can only be acquired by killing specific enemies or progressing through the story. We’ve detailed the basic conditions and requirements for each piece in the table below.

Armor Piece Recipes and Locations in Sons of the Forest

Armor Location
"Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor Obtained by killing and skinning cannibals
"Bone Armor" iconBone Armor Crafted by combining "Bone" iconBone with "Rope" iconRope and "Duct Tape" iconDuct Tape
"Deer Hide Armor" iconDeer Hide Armor Crafted by combining Animal Hides with "Cloth" iconCloth
"Leaf Armor" iconLeaf Armor Crafted by combining "Leaf" iconLeaf and "Cloth" iconCloth
"Tech Armor" iconTech Armor Crafted using a "3D Printer" icon3D Printer (requires "3D Printer Resin" icon3D Printer Resin)
"Gold Armor" iconGold Armor Obtained during the story, requires the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard

As you can see in the above table, the "Bone" iconBone, "Leaf" iconLeaf, Hide, and Tech armor pieces can all be crafted using specific materials. You will need to obtain these as you explore and then open your inventory by pressing I-Key to combine them there. You can craft multiple pieces of the same armor type to wear them simultaneously and gradually increase your armor, but you can also combine different armor types. In general, the increased armor will be represented by a bar which appears next to your health bar. This will be colored in accordance with the same color that the armor appeared when you equipped it.

Unfortunately the armor system in the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest is currently rather limited, so there isn’t much variation in what each of them can provide you with in terms of perks. We’ll be updating this page with more information for each update, so be sure to check back regularly to learn all you need to know about the best armor for specific scenarios! If you want to learn more about all there is to know for each armor type at the moment, you can check our page on All Armor in Sons of the Forest.

(1 of 2) You can place an item in your inventory then hover over the gear to see what you can combine with it to craft specific items.

You can place an item in your inventory then hover over the gear to see what you can combine with it to craft specific items. (left), Not all cannibals can be skinned for "Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor, but you can burn them for their bones. (right)


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