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Where To Find The Stun Baton in Sons of The Forest

Shane Williams

As you may already know if you played the previous game you’ll have lots of enemies, such as Cannibals/Wild Animals attacking you, so a better weapon than an Axe would make life a lot easier. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding the "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton.

You can equip the "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton from your backpack.

How To Get The Stun Baton in Sons of The Forest

As you progress further through Sons of The Forest the enemies you’ll face will become stronger and will typically be found in groups, so having a weapon that’ll allow you to temporarily stun them will allow you to focus on one at a time. One of the best candidates for this is the "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton, as you can get it relatively early on in your adventure due to it not requiring other pieces of equipment.

The "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton is located near the cave that contains the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun which can be found in the Miner’s Cave. This is a boarded-up cave near where the several streams come down the mountains. Imagine if you’re looking down the mountain with our GPS maxed zoomed out on the map, then you want to head down the left side of the streams and find the cave in that direction. Check out our full page on where to find the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun Cave here: Where To Find The Miner’s Cave. Ignore the Cave and walk northwest until you come across a small waterfall, then look for a pile of bones to find the to find the baton sitting nearby.

Best Way To Use The Stun Baton

Once you’ve got your "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton you’ll want to avoid using it as your primary weapon, as it don’t deal too much damage, so you’ll want to use it alongside a stronger melee or ranged weapon, such as the "Katana" iconKatana or "Pump Action Shotgun" iconPump Action Shotgun. After you’ve acquired the weapon that you’ll like to use, then you’ll want to equip it to your quick slots which can be done by opening up your inventory by pressing I-Key, then select the "Backpack" iconBackpack which is at the top of your screen.

Here you’ll want to hover over the "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton and press I-Key to equip it. When you get into combat in the future you can hold in I-Key to bring up your bag, then you can quickly select the weapon you desire. Here you’ll want to first equip the "Stun Baton" iconStun Baton to stun the nearby enemies, then switch over to your main weapon to finish them off.


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