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Sons of the Forest Hang Glider: Location, Tracking & Flying Tips

Craig Robinson

The "Glider" iconGlider is a brand new piece of equipment in Sons of the Forest to travel around the island with. If you fancy getting your hands on the new Hang Glider travel method, then look no further, as here, we discuss the Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Locations, tracking, and general flying tips to using one.

The equipment was added during the first major patch of the Early Access period on March 9, 2023.

Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Location

At least one location of a Hang "Glider" iconGlider can be found in the western mountains (note: west with reference to our interactive map). Here is a summary of instructions to best point you in the right direction:

(1 of 2) You can find one "Glider" iconGlider along the mountain between the mountain caves on the west side.

  1. On your map, look for the two caves in the mountains. The two caves in question are the one where you can get the can opener near the mountain helicopter spawn, and the cave at the end of the lake.
  2. Within the mountain peak, you can see a white bluff on the map between the two caves.
  3. On the bluff, you can find a an abandoned camp in the snow with two tents.
  4. You can get the "Glider" iconGlider on the edge of the mountain cliff.

If you happen to be on the mountain’s east side, there’s another Sons of the Forest Hang "Glider" iconGlider location in the southwest side of the mountain:

  1. If you look for the cave in the mountain on the southwest side of the map, there’s a very small cave.
  2. Just above it is a very small camp with flares. Next to the camp is another glider.

How to use the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the "Glider" iconGlider, you are free to fly it wherever you want to, as long as you can get a good run and jump, with some decent descent. Once you’re in the air, you can use the W-Key A-Key S-Key D-Key keys to maneuver in the air, with W-Key providing increased speed as you descend.

After that, you can cruise going down very slightly, or gain speed by descending down. Just be aware that you cannot get your altitude back, and will eventually fall back to the earth. Like the "Printed Sled" iconPrinted Sled, this is an item best used to travel downwards. However, you can gain good distances by jumping off of small ledges, boulders, and more.

However, be warned that the "Glider" iconGlider is not stored in your inventory, so you need to carry it by pressing “E”. If you happen to drop it, or fall down a ledge and lose it, then it can roll away. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like you can place a tracker on your glider, just in case you lose the item. So, be warned, its easy to lose them. It’s something to be mindful of when you leave your gliders behind.

How to Find the Glider After Using It

Although you can’t place a GPS tracker on the glider itself, you can place a stick (vertically in the ground) next to where you leave it, then place a GPS tracker on top of the stick. You can then build a small shelter and some protective walls to house it if you wish. This is currently the easiest way to keep track of where you leave the glider for future reference.


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