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How to get the Sons of the Forest Machete

Craig Robinson

The Sons of the Forest "Machete" iconMachete is a very strong early-game melee weapon equipped with decent melee damage, fast attacks, and the precision you need to hack at limbs. The best bit about this weapon is that it’s very easy to get, offering players some solid cannibal defense, and early-game cave exploration to really get your save rolling. Here is how to get the Machete in Sons of the Forest.

Here is where to find the Machete in Sons of the Forest.

How to get the Machete in Sons of the Forest

In summary: you want to do the following to find the Machete in the Sons of the Forest:

  1. Head to the Northern beach, near the Beach Cave, where you get the Rebreather. (If you’re unsure of where that is, then you can head to the cave icon on the beach.)
  2. Once you’re there, continue to head to the other end of the beach opposite the beach cave’s location.
  3. Many beached dinghies are along the far end of the beach’s coastline. One of them contains the Machete.
  4. Map Link: Machete Spawn

Finding the beach is by far the best clue to get the Machete, largely because of the lack of a compass in the game. It is the only beach with a cave on it, so, if you’re near the starting area of the map, you should be able to find it by zooming the maximum distance on your map. If you can track yourself to the beach with the cave, then heading further up the beach is the easiest place to track it. If you’re reading this guide at a time when a potential compass is added to the game, then the dinghies are to the east of the beach cave.

Once you have the Machete, feel free to equip it from your bag and give it a test drive. You can also hotkey it if you like it too. Note that this weapon sits in a tier similar to "Modern Axe" iconModern Axe, which has slightly more power but slower speed. If you like the speediness, then the Machete is your go-to weapon. If not, feel free to find the axe in an abandoned camp slightly north of the "Shovel" iconShovel Cave. You can find the location of this weapon the map here.


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