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Sons of the Forest Puffton Mini Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

In the first major patch of the Sons of the Forest, Endnight delivered the first boss battle of the storyline. Players can now expect a mid-game story boss, which you can find inside the Food and Dining Bunker. Here you will fight both the Pufftons, the two people you were sent to rescue. If you’re struggling, here is a look guide to the Sons of the Forest Puffton mini-boss fight.

Here is a guide to the Sons of the Forest Puffton mini-boss encounter.

Sons of the Forest Puffton Mini-Boss Guide

The locations of the Puffton mini-boss battle is inside the Food and Dining Bunker, and more specifically, inside the main dining hall from where you get the VIP keycard. When you enter the room, you’ll notice a few "Faceless" iconFaceless enemies around the place. Make sure to deal with them before doing anything else. Your crossbow will one-shot them, so you don’t need to do anything to staining on your resources. We recommend doing this, as proceeding otherwise will cause the enemies to be present when you fight the boss, as it makes things messier, but not unbearable, mind you.

Once those are dealt with, make sure to top your armor up. These two bosses are essentially faceless, albeit faster, hit harder, and with a lot more HP. They also have a few unique attack animations, but nothing too special. You can wear the "Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor they drop after you skin them, as that’s likely the best armor you can get your hands on at this point in the game.

Once all the enemies in the room are dealt with, you can now spawn the mini-boss. To do so, walk up to the main table, and then find the cards with the Puffton family names on them. Once you find their cards, and their seats are empty, they will spawn. You can find them emerging from the broken glass at the end of the room.

How to beat the Puffton Mini-Boss in Sons of the Forest

Now there are a few techniques you can use to beat the Sons of the Forest mini-boss.

  1. "Molotov" iconMolotov Cocktails and potentially thrown explosives.
  2. "Pump Action Shotgun" iconPump Action Shotgun with Buckshot rounds.
  3. Jumping on tables as range advantages

Let us start with the first tip, "Molotov" iconMolotov Cocktails are great at burning enemies’ HP down quite fast. Not to mention enemies tend to get into some form of CC effect when they touch fire, so it can buy you some time.

The main weapons you want to use against these two is the Shotgun, especially the Buckshot rounds. You can pick this up from the "Shovel" iconShovel grave located the the GPS tracker near the Food Bunker entrance. You can find this on your map. Note that this weapon was nerfed in the first patch of EA, but, it’s still very strong, especially as it causes knockback against the Pufftons, as well as solid damage.

The other strategy we recommend is by jumping on the small dining tables scattered around the room. The Pufftons don’t have a solid attack range, and very rarely do a leap attack. So, use the tables to your advantage. If the Pufftons come to the table edge and try to attack you, you can easily stand on the another end of the table and avoid their attacks. You can also use a "Crafted Spear" iconCrafted Spear to return damage, use your new "Crossbow" iconCrossbow, line up "Molotov" iconMolotovs to kill them via burns, or whatever else you can think of.

Either way, you should find that Pufftons mini-boss goes down nicely, so good luck with your encounter.


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