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Sons of the Forest

Best Sons of the Forest Weapons: Best Melee and Ranged Weapons

Craig Robinson

There are quite a few weapons in Sons of the Forest, requiring players to go and explore and craft to acquire the game’s full arsenal. There are plenty of weapons to get your hands on, some of which are much better than others. So, we hare here to help you determine the best Sons of the Forest Weapons, such as the best melee weapons, and ranged weapons.

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Best Sons of the Forest Melee Weapons

The Katana is one of the best damage, speed, and limb-cleaving weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Melee is one of the main combat styles you must use in Sons of the Forest. The reason why is because of the games limited ammunition. The manufactured ammo you find in the game also tends to be the best ammo, for the best guns, which is another factor why you will want to use melee weapons the most.

But, which melee weapons do you want to use? The answer to that is fairly simple. However, the best weapons typically arrive much later in the game. So, you will likely need to use a few weapons as you play through the game, which is worth noting. We will table the melee weapons below, explaining the niche, and then move onto the best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest in a little more detail for a few reasons.

Weapons Utility Location Map Link
"Chainsaw" iconChainsaw Battery-powered weapon, capable of shredding trees for quicker access to logs, and dismembering enemies with ease. Inside the entertainment bunker’s bean bag theatre room, through the exit corridor from the Gym / Nightclub. Map Link
"Crafted Club" iconCrafted Club A slow swing weapon, which strongly damages armored opponents. Requires "Skull" iconSkull, Sticks, Rope.
Crafted Spear A long-range melee weapon, capable of staggering enemies, with okay damage. Requires two Sticks, Tape, and a Utility Knife.
"Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe An improved axe for fighting enemies, it deals more damage, but has a slow swing time. In the emergency axe box on the wall at the end of the Maintenance A hallway. Map Link
Guitar One of the spoof weapons added to the game. It operates like an axe, albeit has less damage, but you can play it! On the bar of the night club in the entertainment bunker. Map Link
Katana One of the stronger weapons in the game, with fast attack speed and high damage. In one of the bedrooms inside the second to last bunker, near to where you find the Sluggy, Timmy, and Eric. Map Link
Machete Quick attack speed, moderate damage. It has some black capabilities too, but lacks limb dismemberment. Found on a dingey on the north beach, travel east from the beach cave and look for the dingey on the far end of the beach. Map Link
"Modern Axe" iconModern Axe An improved axe, designed for better chopping rather than combat. It does more damage than the tactical axe, but is less effective than the "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe. Inside the camp north of the river from the Shovel Cave. Look for the road going towards the lake on the north of the river, adjacent to the cave entrance. Map Link
Putter A spoof weapon, it has decent swing speed, but low damage. Can also be used to hit golf balls, similar to the tennis racket in The Forest. Second to last bunker, or throughout the Golf Course area in the northeast of the map by golf caddies. Map Link 1, Map Link 2
Stun Baton A melee weapon that can stun enemies it contacts. In a lake surrounding the Rope Gun Cave. It holds several bones together on a small island within the lake. Map Link
"Tactical Axe" iconTactical Axe The default axe weapon and tool you spawn with. Spawn with it via the zippy bag.
Utility Knife Small knife that is weak against enemies, often used to free you from being imprisoned by cannibals if you die. Spawn with it.

As you can see, the most notable melee weapons in the game are the Machete and the Katana. The key difference here is the machete is easy to get early on, thanks to it being accessible near the beach cave. If you get this spawn, or have quick access to this cave area, then you can easily have a powerful melee weapon for cutting down any cannibals that get close to you. The other high-profile weapon is the Katana, this is probably the best melee weapon in the Sons of the Forest. However, this weapon unlocks in the second to last bunker in the southeast of the island. But, when you get it, you can dismember enemies easily, especially the stronger enemies like the red cannibals, and the masked men.

It’s worth mentioning the Crafted Spear is very good. These weapons will stagger enemies with simple crafting materials. So, if you need something straight away, it’s a noteworthy suggestion, It an also be thrown, which can one-shot enemies in the head if there is no armor there.

Best Sons of the Forest Ranged Weapons

One of the best-ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest is inside Maintenance Shaft B.

Now it’s time to take a look at the best Sons of the Forest Ranged Weapons. However, be warned, that there is a distinct lack of ammo in the game, and you typically only find it in special bunkers or caves. So, use your ammo sparingly in the best moments.

Weapons Utility Location Map Link
Compound Bow High powered and more accurate bow Inside the Maintenance Shaft B, near the crashed plane, and below a tribal camp in the area. Map Link
"Cross" iconCross Niche weapon used to stun lock, and burn demons in the Cube Cave Near the dead miners at the start of the Rope Gun Cave. Map Link
"Crossbow" iconCrossbow A weapon that fires crossbow bolts, dealing higher damage and offering better accuracy and range than the crafted bow. Besides a corpse in the main part of the food bunker. Map Link
Grenade A thrown explosive, which detonates in area, dealing huge damage. Found in black ammo boxes worldwide, such as the crashed helicopter spawns. Map Link
Molotov A throwable weapon that will set the nearby are ablaze. Enemies an players caught in the area will burn or a short period, or until submerged in water. Crafted via Cloth and "Vodka Bottle" iconVodka Bottles.
Pistol A sidearm, which you can equip with a lazer sight, flashlight, or silencer. These make good stealth tools, and useful for picking off lesser cannibals or hunting game and Moose. Raft Tracker, and in one of the bedrooms in the second to last bunker. Map Link 1, Map Link 2
"Revolver" iconRevolver A sidearm equivalent to the pistol. Slower fire and less ammo, but has stronger damage. Maintenance Shaft C, located on the Golf Course. Map Link
Time Bomb A craftable device you can use like a grenade. Requires "Circuit Board" iconCircuit Board, Tape, C4 Brick, "Coins" iconCoins, and "Wire" iconWire to craft. Sometimes you can find them in caves Map Link
Pump Action Shotgun A powerful ranged weapon, which you can use slugs or pellets to either snipe or destroy clumps of enemies. Grave tracker site, or in the final bunker on the bar. Map Link 1, Map Link 2
Slingshot Equip Small "Rock" iconRocks or Golf Balls and fire at enemies. You can use this to bait mutants with no vision in caves, or to do stealth-ranged damage to enemies. In front of the Shovel cave in the dead bodies. Map Link
Stun Gun A ranged weapon that will stun enemies for several seconds. Alternate pathway inside the beach cave. Map Link

The best-ranged weapon in Sons of the Forest is the Shotgun. It is the highest damage ranged weapon, especially using the buckshot rounds, These will pretty much destroy most mutants up close and personal, and even rip apart cannibals. It doesn’t matter what mutant you’re fighting, as they will rip apart the faceless, the fingers, the rolling enemies, or the demons.

The pistol is also a very good weapon, especially when you can use these for stealth operations when you get the pistol rail and the silencer. You can get two early-game pistol attachments from the abandoned helicopter near the lakes. Map Link here!

However, if you don’t have the ammo, or you have given these guns to Virginia. Then the compound bow is a very good ranged weapon to get. This weapon has solid damage, and has a very quick reload time. Not to mention you can retrieve your arrows, as long as you can find them. It’s not as strong as the crossbow, but, it is much more versatile, which is why we think its more noteworthy.

While these are not the best-ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest, these are certainly noteworthy. The Slingshot is a quiet weapon, which you can use to make noise or harass enemies. This is particularly useful for luring the blind mutants in the caves to sneak around their hordes. The other noteworthy ranged weapon is the cross. The "Cross" iconCross will burn demons, and stun lock them briefly, which makes the final lava cave much easier to travel, if you’re out of shotgun ammo anyway.

This concludes the best weapons in Sons of the Forest. Good luck out there and getting the goods you need.

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