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Where To Find The Firefighter Axe in Sons of The Forest

Shane Williams

Sons of The Forest is a sequel to The Forest and it was finally launched on February 24th 2023. As you may already know if you played the previous game you’ll need to create shelter to avoid the cannibals, so an upgraded axe will make the process of acquiring wood easier. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to find the "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe.

Collect the "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe from the cabinet.

How to Get Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

The "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe has an increased cutting speed and deals more damage then both the "Tactical Axe" iconTactical Axe and "Modern Axe" iconModern Axe which is great for harvesting wood and taking out Cannibals/Animals. However, due to the above benefits its movement speed will be decreased drastically out of all the axes in the game. Additionally, you can use the axe for attacking, but it’s better then you find and use a weapon that’s better equipped for combat, such as Shotgun or a "Katana" iconKatana.

Now the location of the "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe is in the Maintenance Hatch A which is located in the northwest portion of the map. However, you’ll need to get your hands on the Shovel otherwise you won’t be able to remove the soil that’s covering the hatch. Unfortunately, the "Shovel" iconShovel is located in the Slingshot Cave and that requires you to have the "Rebreather" iconRebreather and "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun before you can successfully traverse it.

(1 of 2) The "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe will cut down trees faster.

The "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe will cut down trees faster. (left), and it is stronger against enemies. (right)

Once you’ve got your hands on all the required tools, visit Maintenance Hatch A and open up your backup and equip the "Shovel" iconShovel, then dig around the Golf Cart until the hatch its fully exposed, then interact with it to open it up and climb down. Inside, you’ll want to follow the path straight ahead until you reach the back room, then collect the "Firefighter Axe" iconFirefighter Axe from the case.

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