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Sons of the Forest

How to get the Sons of the Forest Foodie Achievement

Craig Robinson

Food is a vital part of surviving the wilds of the Sons of the Forest. Players must gather various meals to fight starvation and keep their energy bar as filled as possible. But, for completionists out there, you will need to eat one of every single food item in the game to get the Foodie achievement. To help you get the Sons of the Forest Foodie achievement, we’ve made a list of all foods in the Sons of the Forest, fitted with themes, the item, descriptions on where to find them, and links to our map to support you further finding these items.

Here is a look at how to get all the foods in Sons of the Forest, getting the Foodie achievement in the process.

How to get the Sons of the Forest Foodie Achievement

Below you will find all the foods in the Sons of the Forest, separated by type. You will also get location details, and map links to some easy-to-find sources of these meals. We will try to keep everything as close together as possible to make finding it easier. However, some will require some levels of trekking to get.

All Plant Food in Sons of the Forest

There are many berries throughout the overworld you can eat.

There’s a lot of plant based ingredients in Sons of the Forest. You will be scavenging all over the island to find these types of foods. Some only grow on the eastern half of the island, while other examples are only coming during the autumn. Some berries are even more common during Autumn and Winter.

Food Location Map Link
"Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera Often found near water sources, but the thickest area of growth is around the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer Cave and the Nightclub bunker, and the nearby roads. Road near Gym Bunker
Arrowleaf A small, yellow plant. These are found all over the island, but the bes spawns are typically near the Beach Cave and the nearby lakes. South of Food Bunker
Blackberries A berry plant marked via black and dark red berries. These typically grow near the final bunkers on the east of the island. Most places on the east of the island.
"Blueberries" iconBlueberries A very common bush plant. Can be found in almost every dense forest area. Near Gym Bunker.
Chicory Tall white flowered plant, typically scattered around the world map. Best farming places are the fields near the Beach Cave and the nearby lake. Lots near the central lake.
Devil’s Club Tall, red plants, which grow all over he world map. The best place to find them is near the streams between the Rope Gun cave and the Shovel Cave. Lots near Central Lake streams.
Fireweed Purple flowered plants often found growing in large doses around the streams near the Rope Gun Cave. Lots near the southern most part of the central lake streams.
Fly Amanita The small red mushroom caps you find growing all over the overworld map. Plenty spawn near the Rope Gun Cave.
Guarana Berries Thick clumps of red berries found growing in the overworld. Lots spawn around the crashed plane.
Horsetail Tall, ye thick shoots of green plant matter found growing around the entire overworld. Lots of deposits along the dirt roads south of the central lake.
"Hydnum Repandum" iconHydnum Repandum Requires you to be in Autumn / Fall to harvest. The best source to find them is the cannibal camp north of the food bunker. Cannibal camp north of the Food Bunker.
King "Oyster" iconOyster Small, yellowy brown mushrooms, scattered loosely around the map. One spawns next to the Rope Gun helicopter crash site.
Salmonberries Pink batteries are typically found in areas around the starting part of the map. Lots grow near the life boat beach.
Snowberries White berries found growing in bushes. Few sources near the 3D Printer Cave.
Twinberries Purpley berries growing in bushes. Many grow near the Shovel Cave.
Yarrow Very small and white petals. Often found growing in large clumps, such as around the streams near the Rope Gun Cave, and near the Beach Cave. Huge sources south of the Rope Gun cave, near helicopter crash site and further up the streams near the roads.

Plant Crafts

Plant craft are items you make by combining various herbs together. You can check the recipes of the mixes and mix+ via the crafting mat. Typically, the main ingredient for energy is Chicory, and the main ingredient for healing is "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera.

Food Location
"Energy Mix" iconEnergy Mix Craft Chicory and Arrowleaf to make this
"Energy Mix" iconEnergy Mix+ Craft Chicory, Devil’s Club and Horsetail
"Health Mix" iconHealth Mix Combine the Yarrow and "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera to make this herbal medicine.
"Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+ Combine "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera, Horsetail and Fireweed to make this.

All Animal Food in Sons of the Forest

Animals spawns throughout the world consistently. Therefore, we don’t really need to map these. Feel free to place spike traps, or other animal traps around areas you notice animal activity. You can also get to beaches for turtle egg spawns, and lakes for fish during the summer months.

Food Location
"Fish" iconFish Lakes
Human Arm Chop them off recently deceased humanoid creatures
Human Leg Chop them off recently deceased humanoid creatures
Meat Slay creatures like rabbits, deer, and other creatures in the wild. You can occasionally find them in bunker fridges.
"Oyster" iconOyster Two guarantee spawns on the Food Bunker Mess Hall shelves. You can also find some near the rocky pools on the life raft beach.
Turtle Egg These spawn with Sea Turtles. You need to be near turtles to spawn them, and then stand beside them for a few minutes to trigger the egg animation. !Sea Turtles are often found on sandy beaches with no rocks between them and the water.

All Processed Food in the Sons of the Forest

You can get lots of processed food, typically in the food bunker.

Processed food contains the food that is packaged or pre-cooked for you. You can typically find these items within abandoned camps, cannibal camps, caves, and even bunkers where humans used to be active. Note, most are random spawns, but, there’s largely guaranteed spawns for most of these meals in th Food Bunker in the northwest of the map.

Food Location Map Link
Bacon Bite Food Bunker Mess Hall Food Bunker
Brain Bite Food Bunker Mess Hall Food Bunker
"Canned Food" iconCanned Food Spawns around camp sites, the frozen mountain can opener, and other map areas. Examples of random spawn cans in breakable boxes
"Crunchie Wunchies" iconCrunchie Wunchies Typically found inside bunkers, especially the food bunker, and otre abandoned camps. Food Bunker
"Energy Bar" iconEnergy Bar Often found in bunkers, caves, and storage boxes around abandoned camps or cannibal villages. Example of random spawn bars in boxes.
"Energy Drink" iconEnergy Drink Often found in bunkers, caves, and storage boxes around abandoned camps or cannibal villages. Can spawn randomly in drink storages, boxes and other supply areas.
"Meds" iconMeds Often found in bunkers, caves, and storage boxes around abandoned camps or cannibal villages. An example of cave spawn meds.
"MRE Pack" iconMRE Pack Often found in bunkers, caves, and storage boxes around abandoned camps or cannibal villages. Largely random spawns in boxes.
"Ramen Noodles" iconRamen Noodles Often found in Bunkers, such as the mess hall or office rooms in the maintenance halls. Guaranteed spawns in the Food Bunker.
Steak Bite Food Bunker Mess Hall. On the tray area of the food hall.

And there you have it, you now know where to find all edible food in the Sons of the Forest. Once you eat all of these foods, you should get the Foodie achievement.

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