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How to Craft the Health Mix and Health Mix+

Scott Peers

There are two types of "Health Mix" iconHealth Mixes that you can craft in Sons of the Forest: the standard "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix which requires 1x "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera and 1x "Yarrow" iconYarrow to make, and "Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+ which requires 1x "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera, 1x "Horsetail" iconHorsetail, and 1x "Fireweed" iconFireweed to make. We’ll show you where to find the ingredients for both of these health regeneration items on this page.

How to Craft the Health Mix in Sons of the Forest

The regular "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix is fairly easy to craft once you’ve found decent spots for "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera and "Yarrow" iconYarrow. Both of these ingredients can be difficult to find at first, but if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a decent node, you can quickly gather a few to stack and then craft as you go. If you find that you’ve maxed out the stacking capacity for both "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera and "Yarrow" iconYarrow, it’s a good idea to craft some "Health Mix" iconHealth Mixes to stack those instead, since you won’t be able to continue to gather the base ingredients if you have the maximum number for one stack.

Ingredient Quantity
"Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera x1
"Yarrow" iconYarrow x1

The "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix provides decent health regeneration over time, but it’s not quite as good as the "Meds" iconMeds that you can find from looting containers at dig sites, for example.

How to Craft the Health Mix+ in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find Aloe Vera, Horsetail, and Fireweed in SotF

The "Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+ is a more powerful version of the regular "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix. It will provide you with a greater passive health regeneration over time than the regular "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix. The trouble is that the ingredients to craft them can be significantly more difficult to find, especially since you need three of them! You’ll probably be familiar with a few "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera nodes by the time you come to craft a "Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+, but you may not have encountered some for "Horsetail" iconHorsetail or "Fireweed" iconFireweed yet. There are some particularly good spots at the map locations below:

If these two nodes are a bit out of your way or you’ve already harvested from there, be sure to check the map for other spawn locations for each ingredient. We’ve also got some for "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera if you need more of that too. The exact location of the spawn nodes may not be the same for each player, but we’ve found that the ingredients can be found in clusters in the general areas that we’ve marked, so be sure to fully explore the area noted on the map.

Ingredient Quantity
"Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera x1
"Horsetail" iconHorsetail x1
"Fireweed" iconFireweed x1

(1 of 3) "Horsetail" iconHorsetail can be difficult to spot, especially in darker areas, but you can look for the tell-tale spindly-spines if you pay attention to the ground.

How to Use the Health Mix / Health Mix+ in Sons of the Forest

You can use both the "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix and "Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+ to slowly regenerate your health over time. The regeneration effect of the regular "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix isn’t as powerful as "Meds" iconMeds, but "Health Mix+" iconHealth Mix+ is more or less equivalent. You’ll be relying on crafting these for quick health regeneration ultimately, since you can only find a finite number of "Meds" iconMeds in specific locations, usually at abandoned dig sites and underground facilities.

It’s important that you become familiar with both of these recipes and have a decent number of "Health Mix" iconHealth Mixes when you’re going into a dangerous place such as a cave. You can also use them when swimming in waters with sharks present, which should allow you to survive multiple bites without being killed, so long as you keep swimming for safety. You’ll likely need to use a "Health Mix" iconHealth Mix to keep you alive in tougher fights, so don’t forget to add them to your "Backpack" iconBackpack for quick access!


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