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Sons of the Forest Tech Armor: Stats & How to Get

Craig Robinson

"Tech Armor" iconTech Armor in Sons of the Forest is one of the best pieces of armor you can craft. However, it is very resource intensive to make, but it is worth the craft. In reality, Tech Armor offers the best protection against most attacks, allowing the player to reduce their overall damage. Here’s a closer look at the Sons of the Forest Tech Armor, including its statistics and how to craft it.

Here is a look at how to make "Tech Armor" iconTech Armor in Sons of the Forest, including more information on its stats.

How to Craft Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest.

To craft Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest, you need the following items:

As you can see, this is a fairly expensive item to craft. You can get most of these items from abandoned camp storage boxes, caves and even bunkers throughout the game. Not to mention each bunker seems to have a 3D printer in it, so, there’s always an opportunity to turn your salvages into Tech Armor.

In the room, you can get most of the materials you need to make it, featuring the "Printer Resin" iconPrinter Resin for the Tech mesh, Two set in stone Battery spawns, Wires on the shelves, followed by a breakable laptop you can smash for a Circuit Board. The only thing you’re missing is the Duct Tape, but, you can get that from the boxes in the room you loot. They are only random spawn chances though, so it may require a few saves and reloads to get lucky. Alternatively, there are also a few abandoned camps you can loot nearby, offering more ways to get more tape, wire and other essential crafting goodies.

Once you have all the materials, go back to the 3D Printer, print off the Tech mesh, and craft yourself the Tech Armor piece by combining the elements in the inventory crafting mat. Once you have done that, feel free to save the game via the bed next to the 3D Printer, and reload the game. Upon returning, the items will respawn on the shelves, and the boxes will not be looted. You can therefore continue to loot the items and get the parts you need again to make more Tech Armor.

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Wear a full set of "Tech Armor" iconTech Armor

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Tech Armor Stats

Now that you have the "Tech Armor" iconTech Armor, you may notice that it operates slightly different to the regular armor in the games. That’s because Tech Armor is much more durable. Against light attacks, the armor can withstand roughly around 6 hits, The example, fast attackers include the Demons, "Faceless" iconFaceless flurry attacks, or the cannibals with light weapons. As for heavier hits include the heavy swing from clubs, bone weapons, or the "Heavy Cannibal" iconHeavy Cannibal hits or the much larger Mutants. Tech Armor can take roughly 4 of these hits, though, depending on how heavy the attack is.

As long as the armor slot lasts, players can take no damage from being hit while the armor lasts. It makes it very good for general fighting. It also likely explains why this armor is very expensive to make in terms of crafting resources.

Therefore, if you plan on adventuring through the game, then Tech Armor is by far the best armor in the game to possess. The only time this is not as effective to use is when in the end game. The reason why is because "Gold Armor" iconGold Armor makes damage from Demons almost minimal. Therefore, if you want to save your Tech Armor as you go through the game’s final stages, then Golden Armor is the best choice in that situation.


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