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Sons of the Forest Companions: How Do They Work?

Craig Robinson

Companions are one of the most entertaining parts of RPGS, from those iconic rebels to those sassy, witty, and even stupid characters. It’s just one of the many ways modern RPGs grant you some level of independence, character relations and more. But, it’s not necessarily something you expect to hear in survival games, bar the thrill system in Conan Exiles. This is why its a surprise that Endnight announced its Sons of the Forest Companions feature.

Companions will play a healthy part in multiplayer and single-player games. Image via Endnight.

Sons of the Forest Companions Feature Explained

The Sons of the Forest companions feature is going to be something to assist both coop players and single players alike. However, you do not need to interact with them if you don’t want. All these characters do is accompany you, and listen to your commands that you give them using the notepad to give them instructions, They will then go and do said task for you. So, if you find your early camp needs sticks, then send your companion away to fetch them for you.

The general idea is that these companions will become part of your living base. However, the companions will likely acquire some love. You can’t just boss them about, as they can die from hunger, thirst, low morale, and all that jazz. So, you better keep them fed and happy. It is a survival game, after all.

If for whatever reason, you’re not interested in having a companion around, then you can choose to kill them. This will take them out of the game for the remainder of the save. So, you better make sure if your homicide, or make sure they are well treated and protected thanks to the perma-death state of companions in Sons of the Forest.

Also, if you’re not interested in collecting companions, then you don’t need to. The first one is available from the get-go, with you and fellow helicopter crash survivor, Kelvin around. If you rescue him, he can be your first companion. Like yourself, this guy is focused more on being a survivor, but "Virginia" iconVirginia is one of those mutants with more limbs than she should. In the gameplay demos, she is seen holding two primary weapons, a pistol, and a shotgun, so likely serves as a combat-related companion.

Companions are certainly a big things in this game, and playing around with them when you can is one of our biggest Sons of the Forest tips we can share.

All Companions in Sons of the Forest

"Virginia" iconVirginia looks to be a combat-focused companion. Image via Endnight.

It is also confirmed by Endnight there will be multiple companions in the game. So far, we only know two of them, which are:

There may be some more militant companions you acquire, but whether these are story-related NPCs is not confirmed. In the first Sons of the Forest trailer, you are seen following a man, fully equipped military gear. In the third trailer, you can see some voice-acted NPCS. These are likely NPCs voice acted for the story as well, as you’re down when they appear.

When we know more, we will update this page with more information.


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