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How to get the Golf Putter in Sons of the Forest

Craig Robinson

If you’ve been playing the story of Sons of the Forest, then chances are that you’ve come across some golf emails. The map has a large golf course in the northeast of the island, with holes to play with, some of the island’s residents before the slaughter enjoyed. If you and your coop friends fancy some putting, here’s how to get the Golf "Putter" iconPutter in Sons of the Forest.

Here is one of the locations you're likely to find a Golf "Putter" iconPutter in Sons of the Forest.

How to get the Golf Putter in Sons of the Forest.

You have a few options to get the Putter in Sons of the Forest. The forest is to play the game as normal, as the second to last bunker in the game will award you with some "Golf Ball" iconGolf Balls and a Golf Putter in one of the bedrooms. Likely, this is the bedroom of the email recipients who love golf.

Alternatively, you venture into the Golf Course in the northeast of the island, you can find several golf caddies dotted around the place. Most of these will have a Golf Putter nearby, which you can grab. There’s a few spawns we are aware of, which will help you and your friends grab a Putter each and go golfing.

But, there’s no Golf Putter without Golf Balls. There are several spawns for Golf Balls throughout the map, with a few spawning in the starting west area in one of the camps. Follow the stream from the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun Cave down to the ponds closer to the beach. You will find an abandoned human camp with a few golf balls around it along this pond area.

As for other locations, you can get a hand full of !Golf balls in the bunker that you found the Golf Putter in. There’s also lots of spawns of Golf Balls in more or less all of the Sand Dunes along the Golf Course in the northwest. So, if you need more, then feel free to head to any of these locations.

Just be weary that it’s very easy to lose Golf Balls in this game, thanks to the foliage. If you want an easier time making custom golf courses, then we recommend building pathways, as they seem to best clear the foliage from the view.

Once you have a Golf Ball, pout it on the floor, then look at the ground with your Putter equipped, and then press your attack button. This will attempt to put the ball.

To help you find the Golf Balls and Golf Putter in Sons of the Forest, we’ve created a table with links to map marker locations using our interactive map.

Item Map Link
Abandoned Camp Golf Ball Map Link
Bunker "Golf Ball" iconGolf Ball Map Link
Bunker Golf Putter Map Link
Golf Course "Putter" iconPutter Map Link 1, 2
Golf Course Balls Map Link, 2

Also, it’s worth mentioning that while you can use the Golf Putter as a weapon, we strongly advise doing so. That’s because it does little damage and armor penetration, compared to actual weapons. So, only use these if you want to go full Happy Gilmore vs the laughing clown on a mutant or cannibal, rather than as a serious weapon. You can also use Golf Balls as ammo in the "Slingshot" iconSlingshot as well, which do more damage than the small rocks.


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