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Sons of the Forest Demons Enemy Explained

Craig Robinson

Demons are one of the various enemy types in Sons of the Forest, coming under the creepy mutant category of foes. However, unlike the other creepy mutants, they have some rather unique features, such as their specific location, weaknesses, and behaviors. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Sons of the Forest Demon enemy.

You can find Demons in Sons of the Forest often lurking around pools of lava, like so.

Sons of the Forest Demons Enemy Explained

The Sons of the Forest Demon enemy are simply mutant-like creatures that you find during the lava cave. The enemy is found within the caverns leading all the way to the cube you’ve seen everywhere in other labs and caves. These demons guard the pathway and are often found in small clumps in the area.

Be weary of their attacks. They use their rear legs to lunge forward and kick, and can seemingly do some from of ranged attack as well. However, you can easily beat them with a buckshot round or two from your "Pump Action Shotgun" iconPump Action Shotgun. Meanwhile, the "Cross" iconCross is an effective weapon against Demons, largely thanks to its religious power, stunning each demon briefly, and igniting them over a small period of time. It will take a few cross-raises at close range to kill them, but if you’re by yourself and you get swarmed, there’s no other defensive method better than this. So, if they are still running at you, the "Pistol" iconPistol and slug rounds re ideal. At close range, its Buckshot and Cross time.

The other suggestion is to use "Gold Armor" iconGold Armor. Gold Armor is an outfit which replaces your armor. If you get hit by Demons, it does little to your HP. Perhaps this is normal since you need gold armor to get into the cavern and cube. So, it’s a safe bet the armor is effective against Demon’s damage attacks.

Sons of the Forest Demon Trivia

As for the lore, we know that The Forest and Sons has a religious aspect to it. Cannibals in the first game had constant visits from missionaries, and there are notes of the demons as you go through the game. Your character even has a tattoo on his wrist that says fight demons. So, it seems like, in this world, the knowledge of demons are known to a select few. However, only a few things are known about them, picked up via the occasional religious notes, and the one demon skull in another cave in the early game.

As for why there are demons that operate differently, little is known. Perhaps the Cube brought them in from the hell dimension. Maybe they are evil creatures caught in the cube’s cycle? This is only speculation, as there is little else to go off.


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