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Sons of the Forest Item Dupes in EA

Craig Robinson

Throughout the history of The Forest franchise, there have been many different dupes and bugs. Sons of the Forest appears to be no different, largely thanks to how the core of the game runs through its saving system. Because of this, players have a few ways to duplicate items in Sons of the Forest. Moreso, some of these methods work in multiplayer too. So, with no further ado, here is a look at the Sons of the Forest item dupes, featuring generic items for single and multiplayer, as well as armor, weapons, and other creative dupe methods.

Fill your inventory with items using our Sons of the Forest Item Dupes, designed for early access.

How to item dupe in Sons of the Forest

The main item dupe method in Sons of the Forest is the save and reload technique. What this does is reset the world state, allowing you to loot items that are not considered unique. This includes status spawns of crafting items and close the boxes up so you can re-loot their random items repeatedly.

Simply loot what you want in single-player, save the game, and reload it. The result is that you can constantly re-loot an area repeatedly. We mentioned this in our Tech Armor page, where you can save and reload to keep getting all the necessary items to craft one "Tech Armor" iconTech Armor in one simple room.

In addition, this works on multiplayer aswell. Players can generate even more of an item using this same method. It will require the host to save and reload the game; all players cave before the host terminates the server.

This is the general item dupe in the game, which is likely to be kept from getting poached out, thanks to how the game works, and the need for items to respawn so players can continue with very long saves.

Multiplayer Shelf Dupes

Another simple method for duping items in multiplayer is by building a shelf in your base. You will need a friend to carry an item you want to dupe. From there, have your friend save the game, then puts them on a shelf or give the item to you. Your friend can then quit the server, and rejoin, using the save when they had the items they just gave to you or the shelf. This is because multiplayer servers save JSON files of each character’s inventory, and then the server base settings too. So, a save file will log what they had when they save, and not automatically update. Therefore, they can get their inventory back via this method.

This only doesn’t work if the game adds an autosave feature to multiplayer. That way, players who quit teh game are autosaved, and thus have their inventory updated.

Multiplayer Plant Dupes

There’s also a little trick with duplicating plants as well. Plants worldwide are considered client side, rather than server side. So, players can essentially get more of the same plant. This is very handy if you intend to make early-game meds. In some occasions, players can even log of, and reload their save and go back to a farm to loot the wild plants. If you give your plants to another player or shelf, you return to the farm and get those items again. Note, this will not work with planters and gardens made by players, as they are stored in a separate file in the host’s multiplier save folder.

Multiplayer Armor Dupe

If another player begins the skinning animation, other players can also skin the creature for their own hide.

This is another one that borrows itself from The Forest. In Multiplayer, players can skin the same Mutant or Beast corpse roughly simultaneously. As long as the other players find and get into the skin animation before the first player’s skinning animation completes, then every player in the animations will get their own hide from that body. The result is that one mutant can give multiple "Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor, and "Deer" iconDeer can give multiple "Deer Hide Armor" iconDeer Hide Armor.

The result is that you and your group of friends can stay well-armored as you explore the dangers of the game world, rather than each one competing for resources.

Weapon Dupe

The most reliable method of duping weapons in Sons of the Forest is via "Virginia" iconVirginia. You can give her either the "Pump Action Shotgun" iconPump Action Shotgun and/or the "Pistol" iconPistol. If you then save the game, and reload it, you can return to the weapons and acquire another one. This only really works in the early game when you get the guns for the first time, as there’s no need to have multiple weapons in Sons of the Forest.

This works because one of the JSON files in the game’s AppData folder has a file for recording which unique item IDs you have. By saving the game without the unique ID in your inventory, it will then attempt to spawn it on server reload.

This concludes the most reliable Sons of the Forest Item Dupes we know at this stage in the early access. Warning these item dupes may be addressed in later patches, as are some of the other millions of item dupes we have yet to figure out.

Oh, and one more thing, if the developers add a "Log" iconLog Sled back into the game, then know that was one source of item duping in the original Early Access of The Forest. So, don’t be surprised to see log dupes, rocks, and stick dupes come back if or when that gets added in Sons of the Forest.


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