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Small House

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on all material requirements for building a Small House in the Hearthfire DLC.

The Small House is a modest abode, but it could do nicely for an adventurer who prefers to be out all day and night!

How to Build a Small House

Once you’ve acquired a plot of land, the first thing you’ll be able to build is a Small House. This can later be converted into an Entry Hall should you choose to build a large manor-type homestead. First you’ll need to head over to the drafting table and select the Small House layout blueprint. Then you can use the carpenter’s workbench to build the house.

The Small House layout is the first blueprint you’ll have access to.

Luckily for you, all the core materials you’ll need to build a Small House are provided in the chest to the left of the carpenter’s workbench: 30 clay, 1 corundum ingot, 6 iron ingots, 20 logs and 30 quarried stone. You won’t actually use all of the starter materials during the construction of the small house, but you won’t actually have a lot of materials left over. Below you’ll find the exact amount of materials used for each separate stage of building the Small House.

Stage Materials required
Foundations x1 sawn log, x10 quarried stone
Wall Framing x6 sawn log, x10 nails
Walls x2 sawn log, x4 clay, x8 nail
Floor x4 quarried stone
Roof Framing x6 sawn log
Roof x1 sawn log, x10 nail
Door x1 sawn log, x2 nail, x1 iron fittings, x1 lock, x2 hinge
Total x17 sawn log, x14 quarried stone, x4 clay, x30 nail, x1 iron Fittings, x1 lock, x2 hinge

As you can see above, you’ll need to use the anvil to convert your 6 ingots into 3 lots of nails (10), 1 iron fitting, 1 lock and 1 set of hinges (2).

Small House Furnishings

Most people will likely opt into upgrading their Small House into an Entry Way so you can furnish it with more appropriate furniture. But if you just want to stick to a cosy Small House, then you can furnish the house with the following furnitures.

You could choose to keep the small house as a cosy one bed studio type layout.


Item Materials required
Barrels x1 sawn log, x1 nail, x1 iron fittings, x1 iron ingot
Dresser x1 sawn log, x3 nail, x1 iron fittings
End Table x1 sawn log, x2 nail


Item Materials required
Double Bed x2 sawn log, x2 nail, x4 leather strips, x2 straw
Square Table and Chairs x2 sawn log, x4 nail

The small house bed isn’t as comfy as the main hall bed but again, if you only need a humble abode it’ll suit you just fine.


Item Materials required
Corner Shelf x1 sawn log, x3 nail
Tall Shelf with Display Case x2 sawn log, x4 nail, x1 glass, x1 hinge
Wall Shelves (3) x1 sawn log, x1 nail


Item Materials required
Wall Sconces (2) x1 iron fittings, x1 Goat Horns

The Wall Sconce can be made as an interior or exterior decoration.


Item Materials required
Firepit x1 quarried stone
Hanging Rack x1 iron ingots, x1 iron fittings
Wall Sconces (2) x1 iron fittings, x1 goat horns

Total Materials Required to Furnish Small House

Material Type Total Amount
Sawn Log 11
Nails 20
Iron Ingots 2
Iron Fittings 4
Hinges 1
Glass 1
Leather Strips 4
Straw 2
Goat Horns 2
Lock 1


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