Seek out Urag gro-Shub, the librarian of the College, in the Arcanaeum.

Speak to Urag here. He will inform you that there may be information in one of three tomes that were ‘borrowed’ by another Apprentice. Urag can’t help you without those books, so looks like we’re tracking them down.

When you are heading out you may run into Faralda who says that there is a Thalmor, Ancano, who wishes to speak to you. If you do not see Faralda, Ancano will seek you out and ask about what you found in Saarthal. You’ll get to see first-hand how much of a… “jerk” he is. Yes, I had to hold my tongue.

Well, fast travel to Whiterun and from here look northeast to find Fellglow Keep. This is your destination. Not a very long journey.

There are some Mages here that use thunder and fire, so take care of them and go down the spiral steps where the target is. Inside, you’ll fight some spiders in the first room, and an Apprentice Ice Mage. Go further inside and at the arrow trap, continue forward to find a squashed room with a chest in it. Take all the goodies and return to the trap.

Go right this time and you’ll get to a room full of Vampires, locked in. Kill the Mage that’s taking care of them or unlock the cages and let ‘em kill the mages. They’ll flee, which is good. Go past this cell room to find the torture room, nothing special about it. Keep going and you’ll find another room with more cells. Kill the mage here and you’ll find your objective, the guy that’s locked in the cell.

Use the lever in the center of the room to open up his cell and ask for the books. After the chat, either take him along with you or let him go and proceed through the door. You’ll find the training grounds for the Fire Mages . Take them out, without using fire of course, and proceed. You’ll find yourself in a room with Conjuration Mages . Damn. Take out the Mages then focus on the zombies and/or skeletons.

Grab the Spell Tome: Raise Zombie . The door on the right has a chest behind it. Leave this area through the door on the left, then kill both mages that appear and read the Conjuration Skillbook “The Doors to Oblivion” . Very nice.

Now proceed, kill the enemy in the next room and go to the next hall. In here, there’s a door to the left and a door in front. Go in front and you’ll be greeted by a wolf and a mage (These enemies can vary in here, just FYI).

Kill them both and you’ll see 2 doors downstairs and 3 entrances upstairs. Inside the door downstairs (the unlocked one of course), there are only two enemies. Upstairs, the only door is locked, so go to the west room and you’ll see an Alchemy Station and an Arcane Enchanter .

There is a workbench as well and more importantly, an “Unusual Gem” on one of the tables that you should definitely grab. Use the labs if needed, then return to the main room and go through the east entrance. You’ll find a circle made of bookshelves, and in the center is two more enemies.

Kill them and look on the tables to find a Destruction Skillbook named “A Hypothetical Treachery” . Continue along the path and in this long hallway, you’ll see two doors on your left and one all the way to the back. Enter the second door to find a sleeping mage. Kill her and loot her to find ’Fellglow Keep Key ‘. Go to the end of the hallway, enter the room on the right using the newly acquired key and loot around. There’s a Shrine of Julianos in here that will up your magicka by 25 for a limited time if you use it.

Return and enter the last door. Kill the Flame Atronach , go up the stairs and enter the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber. You’ll find a woman who calls herself The Caller . After a little chat, you’ll have to fight her. She can be tough if you are a low level. Use the best spells and weapons you have while using Potions of Healing and Magika to stay alive if needed.

You can forego the fight altogether by offering to trade Orthorn for the books. Obviously you’ll need to have Orthorn with you for this. Be sure to talk to her again if you want to do go this route. Agree to her terms before picking up a book or she will attack.

The Caller will summon a Flame Atronach to assist her in battle.

After the fight, loot her for the ’ Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key ’ and take all 3 books (some of them may have fallen to the ground mid-fight) . Go inside the middle room, loot the place, and go through the trap door. From here, unbar the door and leave the Keep. Fast travel to the College and locate Urag. Speak to him and give him the books. This ends the Quest and starts the next quest in the questline, “ Good Intentions “.


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