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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Break the Damage Limit in Crisis Core Reunion

Ben Chard

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion has a wealth of customization opportunities and with it, ways to really make Zack powerful. At a certain point, you’ll find 9999 damage isn’t enough and want to learn how to Break the Damage Limit.

The Brutal Accessory will break your damage limit in Crisis Core Reunion.

Where to Get the Brutal Accessory

Icon Name Description
circle_stars.png "Brutal" iconBrutal Sets damage limit at 99,999

If you take the time to play through a lot of Crisis Core Reunion’s many side missions, you’ll quickly find yourself getting very powerful, alongside the enemies having a lot more HP to the point 9999 from "Gravity" iconGravity barely touches it.

Rest assured; you can raise the limit of your attacks to be 99,999 instead of the 9999 it is at the start of the game. To do this, you’ll need to track down the "Brutal" iconBrutal Accessory and keep it equipped. This is no easy task, however, as you’ll need to get through all of the Contacts of P sub-category of missions in the Seeking Priceless Items category (M7-4).

How to Unlock M7-4-6

With that in mind, you’ll need to go about unlocking that Mission in the first place. You’ll need to follow several steps to get to that point, so check out below for the best way to do this:

  • Reach Chapter 4 and access the first Save Point to unlock the Precious Things sub-category (M7-2).

  • Complete all of the Missions in this sub-category (M7-2-1 - M7-2-6) to unlock the next sub-category.

  • Complete all of the Missions in the ESP Development Project sub-category (M7-3-1 - M7-3-6) and unlock the next sub-category.

  • Complete all of the Missions in the Contacts from P sub-category (M7-4-1 - M7-4-6) including the mission that has the Brutal Accessory.

How to Defeat the Wyerd

The main boss here is the "Wyerd" iconWyerd, a giant beast that seems to be almost impenetrable. Magic won’t be of much use here and you’ll want to deal with the "Sahagin Chief" iconSahagin Chiefs that accompany it first. If you have plenty of HP and a way to "Cure" iconCure yourself, make use of the "Darkness" iconDarkness Materia as it will pierce through its defenses. Just don’t leave yourself too short.

(1 of 4) Deal with the Sahagin first

The main threat from the Wyerd is the Gaia’s Wrath attack, this will see it stomp the area around it twice and it can deal massive damage to you if you’re caught in it. Whenever you see the name appear, get away as far as possible. Your reward for besting the Wyerd is the Brutal Accessory that allows you to break the damage limit.

Using the Buster Sword’s Battle Stance

Once you reach Chapter 6, you’ll gain the Buster Sword and unlock Buster Sword Proficiency. Leveling this is a lengthy process, but once you eventually reach 15% Buster Sword Proficiency, using attacks and Materia in Battle Stance will break the damage limit without the need for an Accessory.

Using the Genji Gloves

The final method of Breaking the Damage Limit is by acquiring the powerful "Genji Gloves" iconGenji Gloves Accessory. To grab the Genji Gloves, you’ll need to continue to progress through the M9 series of missions until you unlock M9-6-4, a Rank 10 Mission. From the start of the Mission, go left at the first intersection and you’ll find the Genji Gloves in the chest at the end. Just remember you’ll need to clear the Mission if you want to keep it after.

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