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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Mission 9-2-6: Signs of Materia

Jarrod Garripoli

There are 300 optional missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. Signs of Materia (M9-2-6) mission can be found in the Great Cavern of Wonders Category.

The Jabberwock will be the final enemy in Mission 9-2-6

How to Unlock Mission 9-2-6

Signs of Materia is a mission that is part of the Stirrings subcategory of missions that you can unlock as soon as Chapter 4. During that chapter, you will reach the Mako Reactor 5, where you can approach the one ladder off to the side to unlock Mission 8-4-1: Suspicious Mail 1. Doing this mission will unlock a string of missions, where you want to complete Mission 8-5-6: Treasure Info 6. Doing this will unlock the Great Cavern of Wonders category, where you will just continue through the missions until you finally reach Mission 9-2-6.

Note that the Great Cavern of Wonders category has some of the toughest missions in the game, so if you need any help with how to tackle things, visit the following pages:

How to Defeat the Jabberwock

"Jabberwock" iconJabberwock is a "Behemoth" iconBehemoth, so you should have a general idea of what to expect in terms of the fight, although the Jabberwock has a few more tricks up its proverbial sleeves. First of all, you will see the Jabberwock use "Ultima" iconUltima, and it can do so quite often. This spell can hurt quite a bit, especially if you don’t have high SPR or high HP, so you will need to try and dodge it. Despite the long animation for it, there is a single spot where you can effectively always dodge the powerful spell. Whenever you see your screen fill completely up with the light, after the initial set of orbs, that is when you must dodge to completely avoid the damage.

For the other attacks in the Jabberwock’s arsenal, you have the normal double claw swipe, as well as the double tail sweep. These are normal attacks that don’t have names, with the latter occurring if you try to attack the creature from behind. Gyro Tail is a move that where the Jabberwock will spin around while hitting you with its tail. Thankfully, this is telegraphed, due to being a named skill, but it does come out pretty quickly, so you will need to act swiftly in order to dodge it. Thwack is definitely one of the more dangerous moves for the Jabberwock, as it quickly moves forward and attacks you with its head.

The biggest problem with Thwack is that it does percentile damage, so you will always take major damage from the attack, but try not to worry too much. It leaving you open to damage from other attacks is the biggest worry with Thwack. Your best two damage dealers for this battle are probably "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch and "Graviga" iconGraviga, although you will want to be a little careful with the former, due to it also hurting you. Jabberwock has slightly less than 600,000 HP on Normal difficulty, so it will take a few Graviga spells to dwindle its HP down to an acceptable level.

(1 of 3) Thwack will always take a percentage of your health away

Now, once you have fully drained the Jabberwock’s HP down to nothing, the battle won’t be over quite yet, as there will be one more move. The gauge will appear on your screen and the creature will be trying to unleash its final attack, Comet 2. It’s highly unlikely you can get the gauge to zero, even with something like Costly Punch, so you will need to make sure you can weather the attack. If you have very high HP, then you should be more than safe enough, although it does kind of depend on your SPR. With SPR at around 100 and the full strength attack, you’re looking at about 40,000 damage from Comet 2. Of course, you can just use a Phoenix Down, if your HP/SPR isn’t up to snuff.

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