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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Kill Movers in Crisis Core

Nathan Garvin

In CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION you’ll encounter the "Mover" iconMover family of enemies, odd trios of magical orbs that are usually more durable than dangerous. They are sought after for the immense amounts of SP they yield when defeated, but their high VIT and SPR make this a bit tricky. This page will cover how to kill Movers quickly.

Enemies in the !Mover family yield great rewards, but their defenses make them difficult to defeat.

What are Movers in Crisis Core?

Mover enemies are collections of three orange orbs, each trio of which functions as a single entity in combat. As a group, they are noteworthy for their relatively high MAG scores, the dangerous spells they can cast, and their high VIT and SPR stats, which makes them very hard to damage by conventional means. All of them give excellent SP for their level and are well worth farming for that reason, but the topic of farming Mover-family enemies is covered on the page Best Way to Farm SP in Crisis Core Reunion - this page will stick to the subject of defeating Movers.

There are several different types of Movers you’ll encounter in the game - the eponymous Mover, "Mover RE" iconMover RE, "Mover EX" iconMover EX and "Three Stars" iconThree Stars. Their locations and some relevant stats can be found below:

Mover HP MAG VIT SPR SP Location(s)
"Mover" iconMover 5,870 66 233 250 2,000 Chapter 10, M8-5-2
"Mover RE" iconMover RE 14,860 102 234 251 4,000 M2-3-3, M6-4-1, M8-6-1
"Mover EX" iconMover EX 34,860 244 238 254 8,000 M2-5-2, M6-5-5, M 7-6-5
"Three Stars" iconThree Stars 67,850 255 242 255 20,000 M9-5-2, M9-5-3

As you can see from the table above, Movers are almost exclusively found in optional missions - you’ll only encounter the weakest member of the Mover family during the main questline, and even then, only in the final dungeon. You should also note that 255 is the highest possible value for stats, so their VIT, SPR, and in later variants, MAG, are all either maxed or nearly maxed. Even with a max out STR score, Zack’s normal attacks won’t even break four digits, and usually reliable attacks like "Aerial Drain" iconAerial Drain will be dealing around 2,000~ damage.

Obviously we’ll want to find a better way of whittle down their HP, one that doesn’t involve dozens of attacks.

(1 of 3) !Gravity bypasses their VIT and SPR, and will deal a flat HP% damage each cast - several !Graviga hits will leave them with very little HP.

How to Kill Movers in Crisis Core

Since the Movers have such high VIT and SPR, conventional attacks won’t harm them much. Even the most powerful magic spells like "Ultima" iconUltima and "Flare" iconFlare do little more than tickle them… so we’ll take a cue from late-game enemies who resort to a variety of tricks to bypass your own defenses, namely by using attacks that deal HP% damage. The most obvious choice for this is "Gravity" iconGravity, or better yet, "Graviga" iconGraviga, the latter of which will reduce an enemy’s HP by 50% each cast. Three or four casts and the enemy will be down to 12.5% or 6.25% of their HP, respectively, which makes finishing off the last bit of damage much easier.

While Gravity will suffice for the task of killing Movers, other, more appealing options remain, namely various command materia that ignore enemy defenses entirely. Top on the list are "Darkness" iconDarkness and "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch, both of which will bypass VIT and SPR, dealing immense damage to Movers. Costly Punch will likely deal its usual 99,999 damage to any Movers you find, killing them in a single blow, and while Darkness is more humble in its damage, it’s still potent enough to kill most Movers in a single hit - Three Stars may take two. Both of these attacks consume your own HP to execute, however, so be wary.

For more information about getting your hands on the aforementioned Mover-killing materia, check out the following pages:

Otherwise, Movers are immune to most status effects, save for Odin’s "Zantetsuken" iconZantetsuken, and waiting around for the DMW to kill your enemies isn’t really a viable farming strategy.

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