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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Get the Mail Completionist Trophy

Ben Chard

Zack will receive mail from all different sources in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. You’ll need to get mail from all sources in order to get this Trophy/Achievement and this page will detail how you go about it.

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Mail Completionist

Received mail from all senders.

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You will need at least one mail from every sender to get this Trophy/Achievement.

You may be forgiven for being a bit wary of this Trophy/Achievement if you’ve played the original version of Crisis Core back on the PSP. That’s due to the fact that there is a LOT of mail that Zack can receive, and some can be easily missed.

Thankfully, you don’t need every single piece of mail there is to get in the game, instead, you’ll need to ensure you receive at least one mail from every sender. This is still a massive task that will span the entire game, and some of the senders are very easy to miss. Thankfully, we’ve broken it down by the groups the in-game menu has so that you can make sure you have them all covered.


Sender First Mail How to Unlock
Kunsel Congrats on Your First Mail! Chapter 1 - Automatically obtained after collecting the supplies from the Supply Pod
Luxiere From Luxiere Chapter 5 - When approaching the Church Entrance via the Slums

Only two senders in the SOLDIER folder, and Kunsel’s first mail is unmissable. Luxiere’s you will also get naturally as you go to-and-from the slums to the Church in Chapter 5.

Shinra News Senders

No table this time around, just the single sender, Shinra News, for this folder. You’ll get your first email as part of the story in Chapter 1 after you complete the Mission tutorial (M1-1-1).


The SOLDIER Director also gets his own folder to himself and as such, he’s the only sender in this folder. Yet again, you’ll get the first mail from him as part of the Story, the SOLDIER Responsibilities mail as you approach the Save Point at Mt. Tamblin’s Mountain Path.

Friends Senders

Sender First Mail How to Unlock
Cissnei I’ll Give You a Hint Chapter 6 - Take the elevator to Upper Junon after the mini-game in this chapter, then approach the airport after speaking with her
Cloud I Wanted to Tell You Chapter 8 - When entering the Nibelheim Inn
Tifa Is He All Right? Chapter 8 - When leaving the Inn after visiting the Mako Reactor for the first time
Wonder Hunter The Last Wonder Chapter 9 - You must complete the Seven Wonders Side Quest

This is the first category where it can be easy to miss a sender or two. Cissnei’s first mail, in Chapter 6, is an easily missable one, but you will still get another mail from her automatically at the start of Chapter 7. Meanwhile, Cloud and Tifa’s first mails cannot be missed, you’ll get them during the events in Nibelheim.

The Last Wonder is arguably the easiest to miss in the game (outside of the Reporter) as it requires you to complete the first six Wonders of the Seven Wonders Side Quest. If you do so, when you’re escaping from the Shinra Manor in Chapter 9, you’ll get this mail from the Wonder Hunter as you approach the Save Point in the Outskirts area. This is also the mail that will trigger the Mail Completionist Trophy/Achievement if you’ve been collecting mail from all the senders.

Shinra Truths - The Reporter

Outside of The Wonder Hunter above, this is the sender that may cause you to miss out on this Trophy/Achievement, as it’s extremely easy to miss the chance to speak with him.

Once you can explore Midgar freely in Chapter 5, head to the Fountain area and go upstairs, then follow the path south to find a man on the corner of the street. Speak with him and you’ll get a choice, choose to let him go and he’ll thank you, adding you to his list of contacts to send the truths about Shinra too. If you choose to report him, you will miss out on his mails and this Trophy/Achievement.


Just a single contact here, from the Angeal fan club Keepers of Honor and like all fan club mails, all are missable. When you reach Chapter 2 and can explore Midgar freely, head to the Fountain area and go south to find a group of women standing around. Speak to the woman with short hair in a dark top and white skirt and you’ll be given the option to join the Keepers of Honor Fan Club, accept and you’ll get your first mail from the club.

Genesis Girls Senders

Sender First Mail How to Unlock
Red Leather Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 666 Chapter 2 - Speak to the woman in the suit south of the Fountain in Sector 8
Study Group An Invitation to LOVELESS Chapter 2 - Speak to the woman in LOVELESS Avenue, to the right of the theater

The Genesis Girls folder has two senders, and both are fan clubs that can be missed. For the Red Leather Sender, head to the same group of women where you found the Angeal fan club woman and speak to the woman in the suit. To join the Study Group, make your way north of the Fountain to LOVELESS Avenue and speak to the woman standing to the right of the theater.

Hero News Senders

Sender First Mail How to Unlock
Silver Elite The Scent of Silver Winds Chapter 5 - Speak to the woman in the Park area of Sector 5 and complete her test
Zack Fan Club Now Accepting Applications Chapters 6 and 7 - Speak to Cissnei in Upper Junon by taking the elevator in Chapter 6, then speak to the receptionist in the Shinra Building in Chapter 7

Two Senders for the Hero News folder, and both are fan clubs that are highly missable. For the Silver Elite, the Sephiroth fan club, you’ll need to head to the Park in Sector 5 to find a woman. You’ll need to pass a test to join and shortly after, you’ll get the first mail.

The Zack Fan Club, on the other hand, requires a lot more work. During the attack on Junon in Chapter 6, continue until after the mini-game. Instead of continuing, go back on yourself and take the elevator to Upper Junon where you’ll run into Cissnei. Triggering this will allow you to speak to the receptionist in the Shinra Building’s Entrance during Chapter 7 to join the fan club and get the mail.

Spam Senders

Sender First Mail How to Unlock
Treasure Princess Recruitment Chapter 3 - Approach the ladder on your left after the Mako 5 Reactor cutscene.
Anonymous Just Between You and Me Chapter 3 - Complete Mission 8-4-6
Yuffie Notice Chapter 3 - Complete Mission 8-5-6

All three Spam senders are, in fact, the same person (Yuffie), but each one does count as a separate sender. You’ll first unlock the Yuffie missions by approaching the ladder on your left after the Mako 5 Reactor cutscene in Chapter 3. Once you complete all of the M8-4 sub-category, you’ll get a mail from Anonymous which will unlock the M8-5 sub-category. Complete all of this sub-category to get a mail from the Yuffie sender.

Shop News

Just a single sender, but the Shop News sender is missable if you’re not careful. As early as Chapter 5, speak to the City Planning Executive in Shinra Building Entrance to unlock the M6-2 sub-category of missions. Completing the first mission in this sub-category will get you your first mail. If you miss this in Chapter 5, you have one final chance in Chapter 7 before you leave Midgar for good.

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