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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Hard Mode Difficulty in Crisis Core Reunion

Ben Chard

Difficulty modes are always a hot topic when it comes to Final Fantasy games and Crisis Core is no different. Learn about the Hard Mode difficulty here.

You can change your difficulty at any time.

Hard Mode Differences

The main questions many will ask when they start a new game for the first time is what the differences are between Normal and Hard Mode is in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion.

We suggest most fans to start on Normal mode to begin with, as those familiar with the original will realize that combat is much smoother with the new changes and thus, perhaps, easier. This has a knock-on effect with Hard too, as being able to do regular attack combos much easier makes Hard mode much more bearable for a first-time run too.

Still, Hard mode is a massive difference compared to Normal. You can expect enemies to have their stats boosted across the board to a much higher degree, often up to 3x as much for most bosses. This means you’ll need to be adept at evading your enemies as it will become increasingly likely that you’ll find yourself KO’ed with just a few hits.

Can you Change Difficulties?

So, are you locked into your choice when you start a new game? Thankfully, the answer is no. You can change your difficulty at any point from the main menu and this is recommended. Action game fans may want to test the waters out on Normal mode first to see if it’s too easy for them before upping the difficulty to check that out.

It is worth keeping in mind that although Normal starts off on the easy side (especially true with Reunion’s changes), it does get harder to the point some of the later enemies in the optional Side Missions will have the ability to one-shot kill you. This only becomes tougher and more apparent sooner on Hard.

Are there any Difficulty Related Trophies?

The final question before you make your decision on what difficulty mode you wish to play on is whether there are any Trophies/Achievements locked to certain difficulties.

There is one Trophy/Achievement related to difficulties, the [SOLDIER of Legend] Trophy/Achievement which requires you to finish the game on the Hard Difficulty. If you only care about the Trophy/Achievement though, and not the overall challenge, you can change it to Hard Mode just before the final boss and the Trophy/Achievement will be awarded to you upon defeat of the final boss. For this reason alone, be sure to keep a back-up save just before the final boss.

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