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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Get the Blast Wave Materia in Crisis Core Reunion

Matt Chard

There are plenty of materia to choose from in Crisis Core Reunion, and Blast Wave is just one of them. A Command Materia by nature, this materia is capable to knock enemies out of the battle arena! What makes Blast Wave so great is that you can get it relatively early if you know where to look. This page will tell you all the possible methods of obtaining Blast Wave early.

Here you can see !Blast Wave disintegrating the enemy.

When and Where Can You Get Blast Wave

There are quite a few ways to get "Blast Wave" iconBlast Wave which involves either: Materia Fusion, Mission Rewards, or stealing it from the "Martial Tank" iconMartial Tank.

Activity Location/Fusion
Chest Missions: 7-5-5, and 7-6-4
Steal "Martial Tank" iconMartial Tank (Missions 1-4-4, and 7-4-4)
Reward Mission: 3-3-6
Materia Fusion "Graviga" iconGraviga (M☆) + "Assault Twister" iconAssault Twister, "Graviga" iconGraviga (M☆) + "Jump" iconJump, "Vital Slash" iconVital Slash (M☆) + "Libra" iconLibra (M☆)

Technically, you can get Blast Wave as early Chapter 4 by completing mission 7-5-5. To do this though, you’ll need to complete the mission 7-2-1: Search and Destroy, and the long series of subsequent missions that follow it. But if you want to complete some of the tougher missions on the way to unlocking it. You’ll need to play around with the Materia Fusion system (unlocked in chapter 3) to create at least "Darkness" iconDarkness, and HP+ Materia as well as net yourself some good accessories as a lot of 7-Star+ monsters can one-shot you.

Blast Wave is the normal steal from the Martial Tank. If you get Exploder Blade, try again.

You can also steal this materia from the Martial Tank in as early as 7-4-4, but it may be too tough to defeat at a low level. When you start the battle with it, attempt to steal, if it gives you "Exploder Blade" iconExploder Blade, press start, and choose to forfeit the battle to try the battle again. This is quicker than waiting for the enemy to kill you unless you have low HP. Equipping "Brigand's Gloves" iconBrigand’s Gloves will guarantee you a steal if you have trouble stealing from it.

What Makes Blast Wave Good

What makes Blast Wave good is that it has a unique mechanic attached to it. It acts similarly to an instant death spell, but it can’t be resisted as it doesn’t have a status effect. This ability can instantly knock an enemy out of the battle arena effectively defeating them. A lot of early leveling guides will recommend this ability due to its relative easiness to get, and how effective it is of dispatching enemies quickly.

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