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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

All Monsters in Midgar Missions Unlocks

Jarrod Garripoli

There are 300 optional missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. Monsters in Midgar (M2-1) can be found in the Monster Research Project Category.

How to Unlock the Monsters in Midgar Missions in Crisis Core Reunion

The Monsters in Midgar set of missions are special, as they are all missable and unlocked individually, instead of as a whole set. As you go through the earlier chapters of the main story, you will need to speak with specific NPCs in Midgar, who will unlock the various missions in this sub-category. The reason they are missable is because once you progress enough in Chapter 7, you will lose access to Midgar completely, so you won’t be able to return there unless you have an earlier save or play on New Game+.

(1 of 6) The NPC that unlocks Mission 2-1-1

Mission Unlock Enemies Reward
2-1-1: Beginnings Chapter 3; Speak to man upstairs in Sector 8 - Fountain "Grashtrike" iconGrashtrike, "Fly Eye" iconFly Eye "Poison" iconPoison Materia
2-1-2: Approaching the Outskirts Chapter 3; Speak to employee walking around in Sector 8 - LOVELESS Avenue Grashtrike, Fly Eye "Fire Armlet" iconFire Armlet
2-1-3: Sightings in Sector 5 Chapter 4; Speak to girl in Sector 5 Slums - Market after retrieving wallet Grashtrike, "Raijincho" iconRaijincho, Fly Eye "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down
2-1-4: Defend the Slums Chapter 4; Speak to girl in Sector 5 Slums - Street Grashtrike, Raijincho, Fly Eye "Fire Ring" iconFire Ring
2-1-5: Highway Closed Chapter 5; Speak to Trooper in Shinra Building Entrance, upstairs Fly Eye, Raijincho, "Trap" iconTrap SPR Up Materia
2-1-6: Truth in the Wasteland Chapter 5; Complete all previous missions, then go to Shinra HQ Exhibit Room and speak to Researcher Fly Eye, Raijincho, Trap "Ice Ring" iconIce Ring

Unlocking the missions is probably more trouble than actually completing them, as the missions are pretty simple and don’t have a lot to worry about in them. In fact, you will be spending the whole time going through them and fighting the same enemies, especially for the first four. Once you reach the last two missions, you’ll have the addition of the "Trap" iconTrap enemy, which is part of the "Bomb" iconBomb family. These enemies, if you don’t defeat them quickly enough, will grow in size and eventually explode. You can easily trigger the explosion by hitting them with a fire spell.

Don’t forget to return to the Researcher to get the !Mythril Tools key item

By the time you unlock these missions, too, you really won’t find much of worthwhile treasures from the chests. Unless you want to open all the chests to have a true 100% save file, it’s best to just ignore them and head straight for the enemy on the map. Once you complete all of the missions in the entire group, return to the Researcher you spoke to unlock 2-1-6: Truth in the Wasteland to get the "Mythril Tools" iconMythril Tools key item. This item is one of many needed to unlock the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy/achievement.

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