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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Farm Gil Fast in Crisis Core

Nathan Garvin

Learn how to farm gil fast in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion with the strategy covered on this page!

(1 of 2) To farm Gil, you’ll need to put in the work to unlock Mission 10-2-3,

To farm Gil, you’ll need to put in the work to unlock Mission 10-2-3, (left), and considerably more work to obtain a !Mog’s Amulet and a !Jeweled Ring. (right)

How to Earn Money Fast in Crisis Core

Money might make the world go ‘round, but Zack’s no penny-pincher - aside from a few shops you can browse via the main menu, you don’t really need that much gil in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. Even then, aside from stocking up on restoratives and upgrade-fodder materia, you probably won’t be fretting over how light your wallet is. The only exceptions (aside from perhaps snagging an early "Wizard Bracelet" iconWizard Bracelet, "Jeweled Ring" iconJeweled Ring or "Mog's Amulet" iconMog’s Amulet from the Sec.7 Shop is the Genji Helm, which you can purchase from the Online Shop Shade, which will set you back a whopping 1,000,000 Gil.

Even if you’re frugal throughout the game, you might find 1,000,000 Gil a bit spendy, and mindlessly cutting up miserly monsters on missions won’t quickly alleviate your monetary malaise. Fortunately, there’s a somewhat quicker way, but there are some preconditions:

  • You must unlock Mission 10-2-3
  • You need to equip a Mog’s Amulet and a Jeweled Ring
  • The stronger you are, the faster this will go

"Tonberry" iconTonberrys aren’t the mortally dangerous gut-stabbing murder masters in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion that they are in other Final Fantasy games, but they still boast 9,999 HP, and the longer it takes to kill them, the more tedious this will be.

How to Unlock Mission 10-2-3

Unlocking Mission 10-2-3 is a somewhat involved task that requires multiple steps (coincidentally, many of these steps coincide with adding Tonberry to the DMW, so we’ll be brief here):

  • Reach Chapter 2, whereupon Mission 6-1-1 will automatically unlock
  • Complete Missions 6-1-1 to 6-1-4, which will unlock Mission 6-1-5
  • In Mission 6-1-5, defeat the Tonberry off the beaten path (use "Gravity" iconGravity to whittle its HP down faster) - this will unlock Mission 10-2-1
  • Play through Missions 10-2-1 and 10-2-2 to unlock 10-2-3

How to Find a Mog’s Amulet

Mog’s Amulet will ensure that items dropped are stolen will always be rare - without this, you won’t be earning money quickly via the following farming method, so obtaining one of these is mandatory. There are several ways to get a Mog’s Amulet, some easier than others:

  • Reward for completing Mission 7-6-4 (9-star Mission!)
  • Buy at the Sec.7 Shop

Given the difficulty of 7-6-4, you’re better off unlocking the Sec.7 Shop and buying it there for 10,000 Gil. Yes, you need to have money to make money, just like in real life. Fortunately 10,000 Gil is nowhere near the hurdle that 1,000,000 Gil is.

To unlock the Sec.7 Shop you’ll need to complete Mission 4-4-3, which is still no slouch at 7-stars, but the real early-game barrier will likely be Mission 4-2-6, which you need to complete before unlocking Missions 4-4-X. The “Five Saints of Wutai” are no joke, and you may need to put aside aspirations of fiscal solvency until you reach Chapter 3 and unlock Material Fusion. Anywho, just complete 4-4-3 and you’ll gain access to the Sec.7 Shop.

How to Find a Jeweled Ring

A Brigand’s Glove will double the number of items dropped or stolen, which will nearly double the rate at which you accumulate Gil. Not strictly a must-have, but if you can get a Mog’s "Amulet" iconAmulet, you can get a Jeweled Ring, so it’d be kind of silly not to bring one alone.

You can score a Jeweled Ring by completing Mission 7-4-2, or you can find one in a chest on Mission 9-3-4, or you can buy them from the Sec.7 Shop shop, just like Mog’s Amulet (see above).

(1 of 2) Dispatch !Tonberrys in 10-2-3 with a !Mog’s Amulet and a !Jeweled Ring equipped to obtain 2x !Power Wrists per !Tonberry,

Dispatch !Tonberrys in 10-2-3 with a !Mog’s Amulet and a !Jeweled Ring equipped to obtain 2x !Power Wrists per !Tonberry, (left), then sell your haul of !Power Wrists for 3,000 Gil a pop - this will earn you roughly 15,000 Gil per fight. (right)

How to Farm Gil in Crisis Core

How to Farm Tonberrys for Gil

Whew. With all that out of the way, equip the Mog’s Amulet and the "Brigand's Gloves" iconBrigand’s Gloves and use the rest of your accessory slots (you can unlock more accessory slots in Chapter 4 - see the linked page for more details), then head to Mission 10-2-3.

Once in the caves, run around and pick fights. Most of the time you should end up fighting Tonberrys, who have 9,999 HP but otherwise shouldn’t be dangerous anymore… not if you were capable of clearing the missions required to obtain Mog’s Amulet and a Brigand’s Gloves, anyways. Being stronger should increase your kill speed, not jeopardize your survival, and the faster you can kill Tonberrys, the easier you’ll acquire wealth.

Every time you kill a Tonberry you’ll earn 500 Gil, which is… fine, but not exactly a get rich quick scheme. It would take 2,000 Tonberry kills to reach that magic 1,000,000 Gil, and you’ll encounter two or three every battle. Not bad, but we can do better. Tonberrys can also drop "Power Wrist" iconPower Wrists, which sell for 3,000 Gil - a much better rate of return. The only problem? These are rare drops, so if you’re not equipped with Mog’s Amulet, you’ll only get them… well, rarely. Mog’s Amulet guarantees a Power Wrist drop, and a Jeweled Ring will ensure each Tonberry drops two, which increases the Gil earned per Tonberry to 6,500. At this rate, every fight should earn you 13,000-19,500 Gil, and if you can dust off these weird green monsters in a few seconds, you’ll be fattening your wallet to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Gil every few minutes. Just remember to sell these Power Wrists periodically - if you go over 99, the excess will be wasted.

(1 of 2) On Mission 9-6-2 you’ll find Holy !Tonberrys, who will yield 4x !Gold Rolling Pins when mugged.

On Mission 9-6-2 you’ll find Holy !Tonberrys, who will yield 4x !Gold Rolling Pins when mugged. (left), These will sell for 200,000 Gil in total - not a bad haul for one fight! (right)

How to Farm Gold Rolling Pins

Another interesting - although perhaps less farmable - source of Gil are "Gold Rolling Pin" iconGold Rolling Pins. Each one will sell for 50,000 Gil, which is a nice chunk of money, but they’re not as easy to get ahold of as Power Wrists.

There are several sources of Gold Rolling Pins:

  • Two can be found during Mission 4-2-6
  • Found during Mission 4-4-6
  • Found during Mission 4-5-5
  • Reward for clearing Mission 6-6-4
  • Found during Mission 8-6-1
  • Can be obtained during "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot’s Lv.5 DMW Limit Break, either 1x, 3x or 5x
  • 4x can be stolen from the Holy Tonberry enemy in Mission 9-6-2

Only the last source is farmable, and since 9-6-2 is a 10-star mission, you’ll need to be pretty strong to farm it reliably. Make sure you have a Mog’s Amulet equipped and some "Steal" iconSteal or "Mug" iconMug materia, then start the mission and make a beeline to the boss, a lone Holy Tonberry. This massive brute is stronger and more durable than any other Tonberry in the game, with 200+ Vitality he shouldn’t deal more than 10,000 damage in a single hit (save for his charged attacks, which can be quite painful if you fail to interrupt or weaken them). The Holy Tonberry also boasts over 700,000 HP, so hopefully you’re dealing 99,999 damage with "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch to make this fight manageable. Whatever the case, be sure to Steal from or Mug the "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry and you’ll score 4x Gold Rolling Pins, which will make you 200,000 Gil richer when you sell them off.

Not a bad way to quickly fatten your wallet if you’re strong enough to bully around a Holy Tonberry.

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