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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Unlock M10-1: Cactoid Secrets

Nathan Garvin

This page will cover how to unlock Mysteries of the World, M10-1: Cactoid Secrets in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION.

(1 of 3) Find a Kactuar hiding off the beaten path in M3-1-3,

How to Unlock Mission 10-1

There are 300 optional missions in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION, and while most of them are pretty straight-forward affairs, unlocking as you advance through the main questline and complete earlier, related missions, some are a bit more obtuse. M10-1: Cactoid Secrets falls under the “more obtuse” category, as you need to first unlock M3-1-3 by reaching Chapter 4.

At the start of Chapter 4, after the obligatory starting scenes, head over to the save point between the pews when you have the opportunity and numerous new missions will be unlocked, including M3-1-3: Eliminate the Copies. Start this relatively tame 2-star mission up and head north to reach the first intersection. From there, turn right (east) and when you reach another intersection, continue east, then turn right (south) when you must to find a "Kactuar" iconKactuar (not to be confused with a Cactuar) bobbing up and down in front of you.

This is a fairly weak enemy who will resort to hopping around and occasionally bouncing into you aggressively for minor damage. If you dawdle too long, however, the Kactuar will flee and you’ll need to play through the mission again, so quickly cut the Kactuar down and complete the mission as normal (you’ll need to defeat a G-Eraser and two G-Avengers), after which you should get the notification that M10-1-1 has been unlocked. Huzzah!

(1 of 2) Search for two chests in M10-1-1 to score a Potion and an Elixir,

Search for two chests in M10-1-1 to score a Potion and an Elixir, (left), then defeat another Kactuar to unlock M10-1-2. (right)

Mission 10-1-1 Walkthrough

Once unlocked, you can attempt M10-1-1: Where’s the Cactuar? at your leisure. This is another 2-star mission, so you don’t have to worry about a difficulty spike; just fight your way through the "Fly Eye" iconFly Eye and "Raijincho" iconRaijincho enemies that populate the map - two fragile flyers - and you’ll encounter another Kactuar at the end.

From the start of the mission, turn around (south) and when you reach a fork turn left (east) to reach a dead-end where you’ll find a chest containing a "Potion" iconPotion. Return to the fork and make your way west to another dead end, where you’ll find another chest, this time yielding an "Elixir" iconElixir.

After looting this mission’s two chests, find the Kactuar in the northwestern corner of the map and defeat it to score a "Muscle Belt" iconMuscle Belt - this mission’s completion reward. Completing this will also unlock M10-1-2, and completing that will unlock 10-1-3, of course. The goal here is to obtain the Cactuar Summon on the DMW, which is covered on the page How to Get the Cactuar Summon in Crisis Core Reunion.

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