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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Mission 4-2-6: The Five Saints of Wutai

Ben Chard

There are 300 optional missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. The Five Saints of Wutai (M4-2-6) mission can be found in the To End the War with Wutai Category.

The Five Saints of Wutai guard a fantastic reward.

How to Unlock Mission 4-2-6

The Five Saints of Wutai mission can be found under the Behind the Scenes sub-category that you can unlock by completing all of the Pursue the Remnants (M4-1) sub-category that first unlocks in Chapter 2. You must then complete the rest of the missions in the Behind the Scenes (M4-2) sub-category to unlock this mission.

The biggest obstacle in unlocking this mission early on is M4-1-6 as the boss there is a massive difficulty spike early on. Still, soldier through and the reward for completing this mission opens up access to plenty of very powerful Materia.

(1 of 2) This is a tricky mission but unlocks a useful shop

This is a tricky mission but unlocks a useful shop (left), consider bringing protection against !Stop and !Death. (right)

How to Defeat the Five Saints

Most of the missions in this sub-category are relatively straight forward and most players will complete them as they encounter them once they navigate the wall that is M4-1-6. The final mission in this sub-category, however, is a little more challenging as the Five Saints provide an adequate challenge for the reward the mission offers.

There are two chests to ransack in this Mission before you tackle the saints, but their contents are nothing to write home about, 5,000 Gil in one and a "Drain Blade" iconDrain Blade Materia in the other. This mission requires you to defeat five different bosses, although your method for each of them won’t change much. You’ll also want to consider bringing protection against "Death" iconDeath (a "Safety Bit" iconSafety Bit works here) and "Stop" iconStop (such as "Sprint Shoes" iconSprint Shoes).

You will fight "Crescent Unit Primus" iconCrescent Unit Primus first, and he has the means to drain your AP with AP Spiller and can also cause Stop from range. Keep on the move and use your hardest hitting attacks to deal with him. Continuing you clockwise, you’ll encounter "Crescent Unit Quartus" iconCrescent Unit Quartus next who features the same skills as Primus. All of these soldiers will also use "Curaga" iconCuraga if their HP drops.

(1 of 5) All of the saints have the means to inflict !Stop on you

The next soldier here is "Crescent Unit Secundus" iconCrescent Unit Secundus, who will use SP Spiller instead of AP Spiller, this, as you may expect, targets Zack’s SP. He’ll also use Jagged Edge, which is a harder hitting physical attack, "Barrier" iconBarrier will help here. The final soldier in the main cavern is "Crescent Unit Tertius" iconCrescent Unit Tertius who can use the deadly Pain Plunge which will drop Zack’s HP to 1, be ready with a "Potion" iconPotion to quickly recover before a follow-up attack.

You will need to head to the south to find the final soldier, Crescent Unit Quintus who has the most HP out of the five saints in this Mission. He will use the dreaded Death Missile which will inflict instant death on you if you’re struck by it. As it’s unlikely you’ll have protection against Death early on, you’ll need to work on avoiding this so try and run around and behind Quintus whenever you see him readying the attack.

Your reward for beating this tough Mission is the "Wutai Secret Shop" iconWutai Secret Shop Address which gains you access to the Shop. There is many useful Materia here, none less so than "Aerial Drain" iconAerial Drain which is one of the better Command Materia in the game, especially when you buff your ATK stat.

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