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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Best Ultimate Materia Fusion Combinations

Matt Chard

When you unlock Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Reunion, you’ll soon realize that the game doesn’t really restrict you when combining Materia. Although this is a good thing, it can lead to some really strong combinations, some which can outright break the difficulty of the game. Thankfully, this page will list some of the strongest fusion combinations for the Ultimate Materia.

All Ultimate Materia Fusion Combos

These are just some possible combinations to create the respective Materia. For example, place a mastered "Electrocute" iconElectrocute in the first slot, and "Libra" iconLibra in the second slot to obtain "Energy" iconEnergy. Spells marked with “(M☆)” means that the materia needs to be a fully upgraded Master Rank version of the spell. If there is only one “(M☆)” in the list, either of them can be a Master Rank. When you see “Any DMW”, this means use any materia which impacts the DMW like "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault.


Enables special attack spells. Throws one homing, non-elemental ball of energy at the target. Can strike multiple times, even on the same target. Can hit especially large targets over and over, dealing extreme damage.

  • Base MP Cost: 33
  • Base Materia Power: 19
Materia 1 Materia 2
"Electrocute" iconElectrocute (M☆) "Libra" iconLibra
"Dash" iconDash "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Iron Fist" iconIron Fist "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Libra" iconLibra "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Magical Punch" iconMagical Punch "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)
"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga "Flare" iconFlare (M☆)


Enables fire-based attack spells. Throws three homing fireballs at the enemy. Can strike multiple targets.

  • Base MP Cost: 68
  • Base Materia Power: 18
Materia 1 Materia 2
"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga (M☆) "Libra" iconLibra (M☆)
"Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire "Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga

(1 of 3) Energy is a non-elemental spell that follows the enemy.


Enables lightning-based attack spells. Fires three thunderbolts that can strike multiple targets.

  • Base MP Cost: 64
  • Base Materia Power: 20


Enables special attack spells. Strikes all targets with heavy, non-elemental damage. Not compatible with the "Dualcast" iconDualcast materia.

  • Base MP Cost: 77
  • Base Materia Power: 33

(1 of 3) Flare will cast an area of effect non-elemental spell.


Enables lightning-based attack spells. Calls down lightning all around Zack for heavy damage to all nearby targets.

  • Base MP Cost: 72
  • Base Materia Power: 40
Materia 1 Materia 2
"Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire (M☆) "Libra" iconLibra
"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga (M☆) "Libra" iconLibra (M☆)
"Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire (M☆) "Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga


Enables special attack spells. Strikes all targets with heavy, non-elemental magic damage. Not compatible with the Dualcast Materia.

  • Base MP Cost: 99
  • Base Materia Power: 48
Materia 1 Materia 2
"Energy" iconEnergy (M☆) "Libra" iconLibra
"Energy" iconEnergy "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (Any DMW)
"Flare" iconFlare "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (Any DMW)
"Electrocute" iconElectrocute "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (Any DMW)
"Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (Any DMW)
"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault (Any DMW)
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