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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How many Chapters in Crisis Core Reunion

Matt Chard

While playing through Crisis Core Reunion, you’ll notice that the game is divided into chapters. You may be wondering how many Chapters there are, so you know how far through the game you are. Check out below to find out exactly how many Chapters there are, and how long it takes to finish the game.

This place may look familiar…

How Long is Crisis Core Reunion?

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, there is a prologue and 10 Chapters. It takes approximately 10-15 hours to complete all chapters, although this will vary depending on the player. A large amount of time in the game will come from completing all side missions to get the 100% because there are a lot of missable trophies/achievements scattered throughout the game. Then you’ll have to waste a few more hours playing around with the randomness of the DMW to fully unlock every thing it has to offer.

The structure of the game works something like this: New Chapter, check out the Shinra Building/Sector 8 for any missables. Unlock side missions, complete side missions, continue with the story. Now throw Materia Fusion into the mix, and you’ll easily gain a few more hours. Here is a list of the Chapter names but be aware that it may contain spoilers.

Chapter Number Chapter Name Missables
1 Embrace Your Dreams Checklist
2 Betrayal? Checklist
3 Monster Checklist
4 An Angel’s Dream Checklist
5 Where Are You? Checklist
6 Protect Your Honor Checklist
7 The End of Genesis? Checklist
8 Departure Checklist
9 See You Soon Checklist
10 Heroes Checklist

Although you can finish the game relatively quickly if you only play through the story, we strongly recommend you play all the side content to get the 100% otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot of Crisis Core’s stronger points. The side content will help flesh out Zacks character, as well as some of the lesser NPCs which makes the world feel more alive. There’s also a hard mode, and a new game+ to make better use of the extremely powerful Materia Fusion system.

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