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Unlocking Items for Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Reunion

Jarrod Garripoli

Materia Fusion is a great way to get some powerful Materia in the game, although you are somewhat limited when you first unlock the service. To truly create the masterful Materia that has stats on it, like HP +999%, you’re going to need to be able to use items for Materia Fusion. This page will detail how to unlock items for Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion.

You will first unlock Materia Fusion during the course of the story, once you reach Chapter 3. You can’t miss this, as it’s one of the perks that Zack gains upon reaching SOLDIER 1st Class, but you are limited to just fusing two different Materia together and can’t get anything crazy, like ATK +100 on it. In order to do that, you are going to need the ability to add items during Materia Fusion, which requires you to obtain the "Item Fusion Tome" iconItem Fusion Tome.

How to Obtain the Item Fusion Tome in Crisis Core Reunion

You won’t be able to get the "Item Fusion Tome" iconItem Fusion Tome until Chapter 4, so you will have to wait a whole story chapter after already unlocking Materia Fusion. Thankfully, you won’t need to jump through a whole lot of hoops in order to get it. Once you are in Chapter 4, you will unlock some new missions just for reaching that point in the story, one of which is Mission 7-2-1: Search and Destroy. This is the first mission in a set that will not only unlock the above item, but also the "Keychain" iconKeychain and "Backpack" iconBackpack key items, which are needed to unlock the third and fourth Accessory slots.

Focusing solely on the "Item Fusion Tome" iconItem Fusion Tome, though, you only need to complete Mission 7-2-1, the first one in the chain. The mission itself shouldn’t really be all too difficult, although you fight the "G Eraser" iconG Eraser boss at the end. If you’ve been doing a bunch of other optional content up to this point, though, you should breeze by the boss and easily finish the mission, netting you the key item.

How Adding Items to Materia Fusion Work in Crisis Core Reunion

Now that you’ve unlocked the ability to add items to Materia Fusion, how exactly does it work? Well, you have the same thing as before, where you pick two Materia to fuse, then you just pick a designated item from your inventory to add to the fusion. That sounds simple enough, and it mostly is, but it does get a little more complicated when you’re looking to do specific things with Materia Fusion.


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