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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Best Materia in Crisis Core - Wall

Nathan Garvin

"Wall" iconWall is a high-end Magic Materia in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION which gives you the benefit of both "Barrier" iconBarrier and "MBarrier" iconMBarrier, reducing physical and magical damage you sustain. Along with maxing out your SPR, VIT and HP, Wall is a crucial survivability boost you’ll need to defeat the most powerful enemies in the game. This page will provide details about how to acquire Wall early.

(1 of 3) You can obtain !Wall by just upgrading !Barrier, !MBarrier and !Elemental Ward,

Where to Get Wall

Wall is the top-tier materia in a tree that includes Barrier, MBarrier and "Elemental Ward" iconElemental Ward. That said, surprisingly few Materia Fusion combinations will actually yield a Wall Materia:

You can also just climb the ranks by fusing Barrier + "Libra" iconLibra, MBarrier + Libra and finally Elemental Ward + Libra. As long as one of them is mastered, you should get the next tier of materia each time.

If you don’t care to fuse, Wall Materia is also fairly common in missions - you can find it in chests in Missions 1-4-5, 4-5-1 and 8-6-3, or as a reward for completing Mission 3-5-3 or 5-2-4. If that’s not enough, you can steal Wall from "Chive" iconChive enemies (rare) on Missions 9-5-6 and 9-6-1.

!Wall will reduce most incoming damage making it one layer of survivability you’ll need in endgame battle.

What Makes Wall Good

By default Zack can get up to 9,999 HP, but if you want to challenge the most difficult enemies in the game, you’re going to need an item that breaks the HP limit, allowing you to reach 99,999 HP. On top of that you can also boost your VIT and SPR stats to 255 each with a combination of stat-boosts on equipped materia and accessories like the "Ziedrich" iconZiedrich. With such potent stats backing you up, you’ll be more than a match for most enemies in the game… but a select few late-game enemies hit hard enough to cause concern even with maxed out HP, VIT and SPR, and just as importantly - you won’t always have those stats to keep you safe!

In these cases, you’ll want Barrier and MBarrier in place, and while earlier in the game you may have to keep both materia equipped (or hedge your bets depending on what foe(s) you’re fighting), once you gain access to Wall Materia you can just use that, with applies Barrier and MBarrier in one cast. This comes at a cost of 42 MP, but the benefit of reducing incoming damage makes it a worthwhile cast, and the less damage you take, the less MP (or AP, in the case of "Aerial Drain" iconAerial Drain) you’ll spend on healing.

Eventually you’ll get your hands on the "Genji Shield" iconGenji Shield, which automatically gives you the benefits of Barrier and MBarrier (listed as the Auto "Guard" iconGuard ability), but until then, you’ll want to have Wall handy. Even afterwards, sometimes you’ll want to drop an accessory to make use of a "Mog's Amulet" iconMog’s Amulet or "Jeweled Ring" iconJeweled Ring. Besides, having a spare accessory slot to use on the Genji Shield may be a luxury you can’t really enjoy until you obtain the "Divine Slayer" iconDivine Slayer, and you’re going to want Barrier and MBarrier for the fight with "Minerva" iconMinerva.

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