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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Get the Godlike Trophy

Jarrod Garripoli

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion has plenty of missable trophies/achievements for you to unlock, especially during the main story. Godlike is one such trophy/achievement.

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Rated to have "godlike speed" in collecting materia.

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Godlike Speed for Materia Collection

Godlike is another trophy/achievement that can be gotten during Chapter 4, when you visit the Sector 5 Slums. Progress the story portion there until you get Aerith back with you, after which, you should see a bunch of orange exclamation points on your map. These are minigames that will help improve your affection, with the shops running them. One is for the Master Blender trophy/achievement, while another is for the Bingo! trophy/achievement. This is when you will be able to attempt the Godlike trophy/achievement. You’re looking for the shop run by the older man, who will allow you to start a little minigame, whenever you tell him you are quick on your feet.

(1 of 3) This is the NPC that lets you do the collection minigame

The minigame involves you going around the area and collecting all of the Materia on the ground as quickly as possible. The true objective on the minigame, in order to get the trophy/achievement, is to get them all in under 14 seconds. This is tricky, though, and will likely take a few tries, especially as you come to terms in trying to control the camera at the same time as doing the course. The reason for this is because you have to hit DualSense-ButtonCross/Xbox-ButtonA (Xbox)/Joy-Con-ButtonB (Switch) to collect the Materia on the ground, and considering the endgoal of getting under 14 seconds, you will need to spam that button while going as fast as possible.

It’s a very good idea to run the course a few times to get the layout, since there’s no penalty for not getting the record time. Just remember that you need to approach the shopkeeper after collecting all of the Materia to officially finish. There is a setting that allows you to zoom out the camera a little bit, which might help some, but the camera will still be your biggest issue here. A big tip is that you can just push in the left analog stick to start sprinting, as opposed to pressing the dedicated sprint button. You might need to hold the controller in a way, so you can control the camera and pick up the Materia at the same time. This isn’t easy at all and kind of needs a bit of a “claw grip” for the controller.

There’s a total of 20 Materia you need to pick up, by the way, without too much room for error on the time side. As already said, it may take a few tries to actually get the desired run, but the Godlike trophy/achievement will soon be yours!

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