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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Where to Use the Boiler Handle in Modeoheim's Bathhouse

Ben Chard

Chapter 5 is a lengthy one in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion and you’ll get to explore the Modeoheim Bathhouse near the end of it. You may come across the "Boiler Handle" iconBoiler Handle and wonder what the use for it is, look no further than this page to find out where.

You will need to use the !Boiler Handle to reach this chest in Chapter 5.

Once you get towards the end of Chapter 5, you’ll find yourself in the wintry village of Modeoheim which appears to be devoid of all people. As you head through the village, you’ll eventually reach the Bathhouse where you’ll have a bit more freedom to explore around.

Where is the Boiler Handle?

Before you can even think about what to do with the Boiler Handle, you’ll need to first track it down. In the main lobby, you’ll find a phone that you can choose to listen to some voicemails, do so and you’ll find the stash of the caller on the stage (you must listen to all of the calls), open it to obtain a "Power Wrist" iconPower Wrist.

With that little side activity out of the way, return to the corridor and you head further into the Bathhouse, you’ll spot rubble where the stairs are. Go over to them and examine it to find the Boiler Handle.

(1 of 3) Listen to all of the voicemail messages in the lobby

Using the Boiler Handle

So now that you have the Boiler Handle, you may be wondering just where to use it. Proceed further into the Bathhouse and you’ll come across the water itself, Zack noting that it’s too hot to head through and claim the chest in the middle. It goes without saying, then, that your task is to use your newfound Boiler Handle on said boiler to lower the temperature.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d find the boiler here, but try as you might, you won’t find it anywhere. Instead, go up the stairs and you’ll run into Cloud and Tseng who urge you to go after Angeal. Head through the room next to Tseng to reach the Boiler Room!

(1 of 4) Head to the boiler room behind Tseng

Go down the stairs here, beyond the three boilers (one of which is steaming) and up the stairs on the other side. Before going through the hole here, look on your left to find a place for the Boiler Handle. This will shut off the valve and allow you to go back downstairs and claim the "Lightning Armlet" iconLightning Armlet from the boiler that was steaming.

Before continuing through the hole, return to the Bathhouse where the water was too hot and you can now proceed to the chest. Open it to obtain a "Dispel" iconDispel Materia, solving the mystery of the boiler handle in the process.

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