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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Best Materia in Crisis Core - Quake

Nathan Garvin

"Quake" iconQuake is a Magic Materia in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION, a relatively quick-casting, AoE spell with a respectable 42 base damage. Its power, compatibility with "Dualcast" iconDualcast, and ease-of-use make it a popular spell to use when physical attacks just won’t get the job done. This page will provide details about how to acquire Quake early.

(1 of 2) You can fuse !Quake by combining !Gravity and “Punch” Materia.

You can fuse !Quake by combining !Gravity and “Punch” Materia. (left), Fusing the !Exaflare Materia you get from Mission 9-6-4 with !Gravity is a fine way to end up with !Quake Materia with +100 MAG. (right)

Where to Get Quake

Perhaps the easiest way to get Quake is to simply buy it from the Wutai Secret Shop, which you can unlock by completing Mission 4-2-6. Alternatively you can find an orb of Quake Materia in chests during Missions 8-6-4 or 9-1-5, or as the completion reward for Missions 2-2-6 or 5-4-5, the latter of which will give you a mastered specimen with MAG+45. Not bad. These missions run the difficulty gamut from 7-stars to 10-stars, and while some can be accessed fairly early, in terms of having access to the resources required to clear more difficult missions you’re probably going to want to wait until Chapter 4.

You can also use Materia Fusion to obtain Quake, although this might not be any faster than buying or finding it. "Gravity" iconGravity Materia can be upgraded to "Graviga" iconGraviga, Graviga to "Darkness" iconDarkness, and Darkness to Quake. Leveling one of the aforementioned Materia and/or "Libra" iconLibra will usually get you the next grade of Materia, but if you wish to skip a step, fusing Gravity / Graviga / Darkness with one of the “Punch” Material ("Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch, "Iron Fist" iconIron Fist, "Magical Punch" iconMagical Punch, "Hammer Punch" iconHammer Punch or "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch) will also upgrade towards Quake - perhaps skipping several steps depending on how leveled each Materia is. If you have access to any of the DMW Materia, pairing one of those with Gravity will also yield Quake, but by this point you’re certainly found Quake from some Mission or another. If you want to jump right to top-tier Quake Materia, you can always fuse the "Exaflare" iconExaflare Materia with +100 MAG you get from Mission 9-6-4 with any Gravity Materia to end up with a lovely Quake +100 MAG.

Finally, you can steal Quake Materia (rare) from a "Grand Horn" iconGrand Horn enemy, which appears in Missions 2-4-6, 6-5-4 or 7-6-2, all of which will occur much later than other, easier sources of Quake Materia.

Quake won’t hit fliers, but its fast cast speed, high damage, dualcast potential and reliable AoE makes it a worthy cast.

What Makes Quake Good

Quake is, simply put, a no-nonsense spell. There’s no long casting animation, you don’t have to worry about erratic aiming, just run into a horde of enemies and let loose. It won’t be resisted by many enemies (it’s just a factor of your MAG stat versus their SPR, plus any buffs the enemy has), and it’s affected by Dualcast. With a high MAG stat this spell can deal around 60,000 damage to late game enemies (striking twice with Dualcast), which puts it up there with "Electrocute" iconElectrocute and Darkness in terms of raw damage output. Granted, there are better options for tougher individuals, but Quake is a solid option for dealing with hordes, and its speed, power and reliability make it more dependable than most other magic materia.

All that said, there are some downsides. Quake is very MP hungry, costing 58 MP per cast. This won’t be an issue when you get the "Genji Helm" iconGenji Helm, but it’s not something you’ll spam lightly before MP becomes irrelevant. Quake’s biggest drawback, however, is that it can’t hit flying enemies. These foes aren’t common, but they’re not exactly rare, either, and in certain missions Quake will definitely be less effective. High SPR enemies (like "Mover" iconMovers and "Three Stars" iconThree Stars) will also take significantly less damage from Quake than they will from, say, Darkness. That being the case, Quake’s not going to be replacing Costly Punch or Darkness any time soon, but there are definitely some situations where stomping with Quake will prove very handy. You may want to put +MAG on Quake so your defenses aren’t reliant upon keeping this materia equipped, however - you definitely won’t need it all the time.

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