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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Best Materia in Crisis Core - Tri-Thundaga

Nathan Garvin

"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga is a high-end Magic Materia in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION. Endowed with a fast cast animation, a generous cone-shaped AoE, and the ability to be paired with "Dualcast" iconDualcast, it’s a solid offensive option. This page will provide details about how to acquire Tri-Thundaga early.

You can steal !Tri-Thundaga from !Three Stars enemies.

Where to Get Tri-Thundaga

Tri-"Thundaga" iconThundaga is a bit of a pain to obtain, as you can’t get it via Materia Fusion, nor do any shops sell it. You can find one in a chest during Missions 2-3-6, 4-4-4 and 9-5-2, or as a reward for completing Mission 4-5-1. For a renewable source, you can steal them (rare) from "Three Stars" iconThree Stars enemies in Missions 9-5-2 and 9-5-3.

Tri-Thundaga is also the lowest tier of materia on a list that also includes "Tri-Fire" iconTri-Fire, "Electrocute" iconElectrocute, "Flare" iconFlare, "Energy" iconEnergy and "Ultima" iconUltima, and if you level up Tri-Thundaga or any materia you attempt to fuse it with, it’ll probably turn into one of the aforementioned higher-tier materia. That being the case, if you want to add stats to Tri-Thundaga, you may want to fuse an unleveled Tri-Thundaga and an unleveled "Libra" iconLibra, and just use fusion materials.

!Tri-Thundaga may not deal the most damage, but its range, speed, and reliability make it a welcome addition to your arsenal.

What Makes Tri-Thundaga Good

Each time you cast Tri-Thundaga, three bolts will extend in a wedge from Zack - the bolts are fairly decorative, anything in front of Zack (and not too far away) should be hit by Tri-Thundaga, even if the bolts don’t visibly connect. The spell casts quickly, and if you have Dualcast in effect the second cast is almost instantaneous. Its wide area-of-effect, good range, and quick cast time make it a very useful offensive option.

On the downside, Tri-Thundaga is somewhat weak for how advanced it is, having only 27 base damage. Even with 255 MAG you’ll probably not deal more than 40,000 damage per cast, and against late game foes, probably significantly less. This is markedly weaker than Electrocute, "Darkness" iconDarkness or "Quake" iconQuake, and at 64 MP per cost it’s not exactly a cheap spell. It’ll also lose damage against foes who are resistant to lightning, have a high SPR stat (like Three Stars and "Mover" iconMover enemies) or who have "MBarrier" iconMBarrier or similar effects active.

All in all, Tri-Thundaga is a reliable, utilitarian spell that’ll serve you well against many foes - especially if you use Dualcast.

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