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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Best Items You Can Steal in Crisis Core

Nathan Garvin

When you defeat enemies you have a chance of getting one of two items that enemy can drop - a common or a rare item. Each enemy also has a pair of items (once again, a common and a rare item) which can be stolen if you have the "Steal" iconSteal or "Mug" iconMug materia equipped. Steal attempts to pilfer an item from an enemy directly, while Mug deals damage while making a steal attempt. This page will provide a list of some of the best items you can steal in CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION, and information on some accessories to use that will make it easier to steal rare items.

How Stealing Items Works in Crisis Core

If you have Steal Materia or Mug Materia equipped, you’ll be able to use the corresponding command in combat. Stealing will attempt to nick an item from an enemy, Mugging does the same and deals physical damage. You’re not guaranteed success when you steal, but you can either just keep trying until you get what you want, or equip "Brigand's Gloves" iconBrigand’s Gloves to ensure you steal something every time you make an attempt.

Each enemy has two potential items you can steal, a common steal and a rare steal. The rare steal is, obviously, going to be the one you want most of the time, and since the odds of getting a rare steal are pretty low, you may want to equip "Mog's Amulet" iconMog’s Amulet to guarantee every successful steal will yield a rare item. Once you’ve stolen an item from an enemy, you cannot steal another, but you can steal an item and get one of the enemy’s drops from a single enemy.

For more information about Steal Materia and Mug Materia, check out the following pages:

Best Items You Can Steal in Crisis Core

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best items you can steal from enemies in Crisis Core. Since most of these are high-end accessories, materia, or materia fusion items, you should expect them to be found in some of the most difficult missions in the game, held by the most dangerous enemies… which, ironically, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to wait all that long before you can attempt to steal them. You can access some 9-star and 10-star missions surprisingly early in the game, if you can fight your way through to them. Realistically you’ll be better equipped and have access to more tools if you want until Chapter 4, but that’s still ridiculously early given how weak main story enemies will be in comparison.

Item Enemy Rarity Mission
"Adaman Bangle" iconAdaman Bangle "Grandpanzer" iconGrandpanzer Rare 9-3-3
"Adamantite" iconAdamantite "Goliath" iconGoliath Common 9-6-5
"Adamantite" iconAdamantite "Grandpanzer" iconGrandpanzer Common 9-3-3
"Brutal" iconBrutal "Crazy Sword" iconCrazy Sword Rare 3-5-6, 7-6-4 or 9-4-1
"Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch "Mako Ifrit" iconMako Ifrit Rare 9-5-1
"Dark Matter" iconDark Matter Death Gaze Rare 6-5-2, 6-5-3 or 6-5-4
"Dark Matter" iconDark Matter "G Fine" iconG Fine Common 9-4-2
"Dark Matter" iconDark Matter x2 "G Fine" iconG Fine Rare 9-4-2
"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather x1 "Jabberwock" iconJabberwock Common 2-4-4 / 9-2-6
"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather x2 "Jabberwock" iconJabberwock Rare 2-4-4 / 9-2-6
"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather x2 "Humbaba" iconHumbaba Common 6-6-6
"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather x3 "Humbaba" iconHumbaba Rare 6-6-6
"Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch "Vajradhara Kumbhira" iconVajradhara Kumbhira Common, Rare 4-4-4, 4-4-5 or 9-2-1
"Gold Rolling Pin" iconGold Rolling Pin x4 "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry Rare 9-6-2
"Gysahl Greens" iconGysahl Greens "Kactaar" iconKactaar Common, Rare 9-4-3
"Hero Drink" iconHero Drink "Iron Claw" iconIron Claw Rare 2-5-1, 6-5-6 or 9-3-6
"Hero Drink" iconHero Drink "Master Blade" iconMaster Blade Common 9-6-3
"Hero Drink" iconHero Drink x2 "Master Blade" iconMaster Blade Rare 9-6-3
"Lunar Harp" iconLunar Harp "Mover RE" iconMover RE Rare 2-3-3, 6-4-1 or 8-6-1
"Mug" iconMug "Lesser Demon" iconLesser Demon Rare 9-6-4
"Mythril" iconMythril "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry Common 9-6-2
"Mythril" iconMythril "G Paladin" iconG Paladin Rare 7-3-5 or 9-1-4
"Mythril" iconMythril "G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio Common 3-4-6 or 8-6-6
"Mythril" iconMythril x2 "G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio Rare 3-4-6 or 8-6-6
"Mythril" iconMythril x2 "Mover EX" iconMover EX Common 2-5-2, 6-5-5 or 7-6-5
"Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down x99 "Minerva" iconMinerva Common, Rare 9-6-6
"Ribbon" iconRibbon "Gaea Malboro" iconGaea Malboro Common, Rare 2-5-6 or 6-6-5
"Smart Consumer" iconSmart Consumer "Very Hungry" iconVery Hungry Rare 9-5-2 or 9-5-4
"Steal" iconSteal "Gremlin" iconGremlin Rare 2-5-5, 6-6-4 or 9-4-3
"Super Ribbon" iconSuper Ribbon "Malboro" iconMalboro Great Common, Rare 9-6-4
"Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga "Three Stars" iconThree Stars Rare 9-5-2 or 9-5-3
"Zeio Nut" iconZeio Nut "Experiment No. 117" iconExperiment No. 117 Common, Rare 5-3-5
"Zeio Nut" iconZeio Nut "Diatryma" iconDiatryma Common 9-6-4
"Zeio Nut" iconZeio Nut "Dinornis" iconDinornis Common 7-6-6 or 9-4-3

You can steal an !Adaman Bangle from the Grandpanzer on Mission 9-3-3.

Adaman Bangle

Breaks the HP Limit, allowing you to reach 99,999 HP. A must have for tackling higher-difficulty missions, as 9,999 HP just isn’t sufficient for the foes you’ll be facing, even if you have 255 VIT and 255 SPR. Mission 9-3-3 is pretty late for an essential accessory you need to start breaking into higher-difficulty missions - you can find one earlier for clearing 7-3-6 and in a chest in 9-2-3, but nabbing one from a "Grandpanzer" iconGrandpanzer is also a late option.

The !Goliath at the end of Mission 9-6-5 can be robbed for a chunk of !Adamantite, but this is probably more trouble than it’s worth.


A fusion item, "Adamantite" iconAdamantite will add VIT+1 when used in Materia Fusion. The Grandpanzer from 9-3-3 (where you can also steal an "Adaman Bangle" iconAdaman Bangle) will also yield a chunk of Adamantite as its common steal. You can also steal Adamantite from the "Goliath" iconGoliath in 9-6-5, and it can drop x2 or x4 more, making it arguably the best source for Adamantite in the game.

!Crazy Swords will yield !Brutal accessories on Missions 3-5-6, 7-6-4 and 9-4-1.


Another essential accessory, "Brutal" iconBrutal breaks the damage limit, allowing you to deal up to 99,999 damage per hit. When enemies regularly have 6-digit HP totals, you’re gonna need to break the damage limit to keep up. You can steal one from the "Crazy Sword" iconCrazy Sword enemy in Missions 3-5-6, 7-6-4 or 9-4-1, but you’ll probably find one a bit earlier as a reward for completing Mission 7-4-6.

!Mako Ifrit can solve your damage woes if you steal a !Costly Punch materia from it on Mission 9-5-1.

Costly Punch

The divine "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch will ensure you deal perfect damage to most enemies in the game, most of the time, but it really doesn’t live up to its full potential until you’ve broken the damage limit (see Brutal, above). You can steal such materia from "Mako Ifrit" iconMako Ifrit in Mission 9-5-1, but you’ll probably choose to get "Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch Materia earlier and just upgrade it to Costly Punch.

!G Fine enemies can be robbed for !Dark Matter on Mission 9-4-2.

Dark Matter

A fusion item, "Dark Matter" iconDark Matter will add MAG+1 when used in Materia Fusion. These can be obtained from various sources, including from "Death" iconDeath Gaze enemies in 6-5-2, 6-5-3 or 6-5-4 and "G Fine" iconG Fine enemies in 9-4-2. While annoying to fight, they’re a common steal from G Fine enemies, and if you’re lucky (or equipped with Mog’s "Amulet" iconAmulet) you’ll get Dark Matter x2 for a rare steal.

You can steal as many as 3x !Fat Chocobo Feathers from the !Humbaba in one go on Mission 6-6-6.

Fat Chocobo Feather

A fusion item, "Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feathers will add HP+10% when used in Materia Fusion. Elite "Behemoth" iconBehemoth-type enemies like the "Jabberwock" iconJabberwock (Missions 2-4-4 and 9-2-6) and the "Humbaba" iconHumbaba (6-6-6) are fine sources of these items, particularly the Humbaba, who will drop x2 or x3, depending if the steal result is common or rare. Both will also drop Fat "Chocobo Feather" iconChocobo Feathers when defeated, so you could easily end up getting 4-5x Fat Chocobo Feathers every time you kill a Humbaba.

You can steal !Goblin Punch materia from !Vajradhara Kumbhira enemies on Missions 4-4-4, 4-4-5 and 9-2-1.

Goblin Punch

Mostly notable for being the bottom-tier “punch” materia, you can upgrade the humble Goblin Punch into the game-breaking Costly Punch (with Iron Punch, "Magical Punch" iconMagical Punch and "Hammer Punch" iconHammer Punch being intermediaries). You can steal Goblin Punch Materia from the "Vajradhara Kumbhira" iconVajradhara Kumbhira enemy in Missions 4-4-4, 4-4-5 or 9-2-1. Bonus points for this being one of the earliest places to get this materia.

The !Holy Tonberry’s pockets can be lightened to the tune of 4x !Gold Rolling Pins, which will sell for 200,000 Gil!

Gold Rolling Pin

One of the rare items on this list that doesn’t directly make you stronger in some way (at least, no directly), "Gold Rolling Pin" iconGold Rolling Pins are instead noteworthy for their monetary value - one of them will sell for 50,000 Gil. The "Holy Tonberry" iconHoly Tonberry in 9-6-2 will forfeit 4x of them on a rare steal, and at 200,000 Gil per run, this is a fantastic way to fatten your wallet. This foe will also drop 1x or x2 "Mythril" iconMythril per defeat, allowing you to build up your supply of stat-boosting items while you earn money.

The !Kactaar at the end of 9-4-3 can be robbed for !Gysahl Greens.

Gysahl Greens

A fusion item, "Gysahl Greens" iconGysahl Greens will add LCK+1 when used in Materia Fusion. LCK isn’t the most sought-after stat when it comes to Materia Fusion, but it has its uses. You can steal 2x Gysahl Greens from the "Kactaar" iconKactaar at the end of Mission 9-4-3, but this may be more trouble than it’s worth.

(1 of 2) You can steal !Hero Drinks from Iron Claws on Mission 2-5-1, 6-5-6 or 9-3-6.

You can steal !Hero Drinks from Iron Claws on Mission 2-5-1, 6-5-6 or 9-3-6. (left), The !Master Blade will yield either 1x or 2x !Hero Drinks when robbed. (right)

Hero Drink

Another fusion item, the "Hero Drink" iconHero Drink will grant ATK+1 when used in Materia Fusion, boosting the physical damage you deal. It’s pretty useful for "Aerial Drain" iconAerial Drain and, to a lesser degree, Costly Punch. You can farm Hero Drinks from the "Iron Claw" iconIron Claw enemies on Missions 2-51, 6-5-6 or 9-3-6, or from the "Master Blade" iconMaster Blade enemies on Mission 9-6-3. It’s a rare steal from the former, and a common (1x) or rare (2x) steal from the latter.

!Lunar Harp items can be stolen from Mover RE enemies on Missions 2-3-3, 6-4-1 or 8-6-1.

Lunar Harp

A fusion item, "Lunar Harp" iconLunar Harps will add MP+10% when used in Materia Fusion. Whether you actually need MP boosts in this game is debatable, but if you want it, you can steal Lunar Harps from "Mover RE" iconMover RE enemies on Missions 2-3-3, 6-4-1 or 8-6-1.

You can steal a !Mug Materia from the !Lesser Demons in Mission 9-6-4.


Ironically the only way to get a limitless supply of Mug Materia, you’ll need to steal it from enemies, and since Mug is notoriously fickle when using it Materia Fusion, you may just find yourself in a situation where it becomes impossible to fuse Mug without it turning into something else… likely "Gil Toss" iconGil Toss. If you need another orb of Mug Materia, seek out the "Lesser Demon" iconLesser Demon enemies in 9-6-4.

You can steal 2x !Mythril from Mover EX enemies on Missions 2-5-2, 6-5-5 and 7-6-5.


A fusion item, Mythril will add SPR+1 when used in Materia Fusion. You want maxed out SPR for the game’s most difficult encounters, and fortunately you can stock up on Mythril by stealing from the Holy "Tonberry" iconTonberry in Mission 9-6-2 (common), you can steal one from "G Paladin" iconG Paladins in Missions 7-3-5 or 9-1-4 (rare), the "G Purgatorio" iconG Purgatorio will also can be robbed for Mythril in Missions 3-4-6 or 8-6-6 (x1 common, x2 rare). Finally, the "Mover EX" iconMover EX enemy will surrender x2 Mythril in Missions 2-5-2, 6-5-5 or 7-6-5 (common).

You can abscond with a whopping 99x !Phoenix Downs if you’ve got the audacity to steal from !Minerva in Mission 9-6-6.

Phoenix Downs

"Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Downs are a common restorative in most Final Fantasy games, but in Crisis Core, it’s far more precious, giving Zack the Reraise status, reviving you when you’re KO’d. Keep snuggling Phoenix Down and you can brute force your way through most fights… which is why Phoenix Downs are somewhat rare in this game. Aside from finding them in the odd chest, you won’t have many ways to stock up until you encounter the superboss, "Minerva" iconMinerva, in Mission 9-6-6. Steal from her and she’ll forfeit 99x Phoenix Downs, which will make the fight with Minerva much, much easier.

While it doesn’t protect against !Death, the !Ribbon is still a noteworthy steal from the Gaea Malboro in Missions 2-5-6 and 6-6-5.


A surprisingly rare accessory, the "Ribbon" iconRibbon “Prevents all status ailments except Death”, which is a shame, because enemies that can inflict Death aren’t exactly rare. You can steal one from the "Gaea Malboro" iconGaea Malboro encountered in missions 2-5-6 or 6-6-5.

!Smart Consumer Materia can be stolen from Very Hungry enemies in 9-5-2 and 9-5-4.

Smart Consumer

While not all that useful on its own, "Smart Consumer" iconSmart Consumer Materia can be upgraded to Mug, and it may be easier to just grab one of these magic orbs than trying to steal a Mug Materia. If that sounds appealing, target "Very Hungry" iconVery Hungry enemies in Missions 9-5-2 or 9-5-4.

You can steal !Steal Materia from !Gremlins in Mission 6-6-4.


For the same reasons you may want to get more Mug Materia, you may want extra Steal Materia, which are otherwise in limited supply. Steal will usually turn into something else (usually Smart Consumer, Mug or Gil Toss) when fused, so if you want to add stats to it, you’ll need an unleveled specimen and plenty of fusion materials. You can find a pristine orb of Steal Materia in the possession of "Gremlin" iconGremlin enemies in Missions 2-5-5, 6-6-4 or 9-4-3.

The Malboro Great at the end of Mission 9-6-4 can be deprived of a !Super Ribbon. The “Super” in this context means it protects you from !Death, as well as every other status ailment.

Super Ribbon

Like the Ribbon, the "Super Ribbon" iconSuper Ribbon “Prevents all status ailments”… this time including Death. This makes it marginally better than its mundane counterpart. You can steal one from the "Malboro" iconMalboro Great enemy at the end of Mission 9-6-4.

One of the most powerful magic materia in the game, !Tri-Thundaga, can be stolen from Three Star enemies, which are also an excellent source of SP.


One of the most powerful Magic Materia, "Tri-Thundaga" iconTri-Thundaga can be stolen from "Three Stars" iconThree Stars in Missions 9-5-2 or 9-5-3. Three Stars also yield a ton of SP when defeated, so it’s not exactly a chore to go rob a couple.

!Dinornis enemies can be robbed of their precious !Zeio Nuts in Missions 7-6-6 and 9-4-3.

Zeio Nut

A fusion item, "Zeio Nut" iconZeio Nuts will add AP+10% when used in Materia Fusion. Whether you need more AP is another matter, but if you feel like you do, you have options. "Experiment No. 117" iconExperiment No. 117 in Mission 5-3-5 can be deprived of one via some skulduggery, while the otherwise obnoxious birds "Diatryma" iconDiatryma in 9-6-4 (common) and the "Dinornis" iconDinornis is 7-6-6 and 9-4-3 (common) can both be pilfered for a Zeio Nut.

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