The Earth Missions take place in Old Russia. Most of the land is filled with crashed planes, destroyed buildings, and wrecked ships. The enemy races include the Fallen and the Hive, two factions that war against each other and oppose all Guardians. They would rather fight amongst themselves than against the Guardian though and throughout the land of Old Russia you’ll find numerous battles between the Hive and the Fallen. During your ventures on Earth you’ll find but one resource, Spinmetal Leaves . These metallic plants blend in with the shrubbery but are distinct for their metallic shimmer.

Cosmodrome - Old Russia, Earth

After choosing your class and designing your character there will be an opening scene where you’ll meet your personal Ghost. You are unarmed and are currently being pursued so you’ll need to follow your Ghost’s lead and trust it. Take off towards your objective, the great wall in the distance. You’ll notice piles of cars below so be sure to stay up top and to the left. Enter the building and your Ghost will illuminate the area. While you can now see, so can the Fallen and they are aware of your presence.

The Breach

The gate to your right should open up shortly. Burst through and collect the rifle so you can defend yourself. Ahead you’ll fight your first Fallen, Dregs – enemies with a short stature that fire rifles and can use knives up close – and Vandals , enemies that can fire pulses and often hang back (they also have more health than Dregs). The Dregs and Vandals can both be shot in the head for critical damage, though it’s better to focus on the Vandals and let the Dregs come to you or rush them and use melee.

Vandals (left) are stronger Fallen than the normal Dregs. They take a bit more firepower to put down. Loot Chests (right) can be found throughout. Golden ones carry very nice items.

Across the walkway you’ll find a Loot Chest ; there are many like it but this one is your own, and others will be scattered throughout the area randomly. Inside is a Special Weapon that you can switch to which uses Special Ammo. In regards to Ammo, the white boxes that enemies may drop are for your Primary weapons and the green boxes are for Special Ammo. Turn the corner and you’ll encounter trip mines outlined with lasers. Crouch and strafe through the area, firing at the Fallen as they come down the hall.

The Divide

Head outside through the spinning fans once you’ve cleared out the Fallen. The area out here is fairly open but there are also lots of places to hide. This is good and bad because a bunch of Fallen are about to unload from a dropship in the distance. Use the cover to pick off the Vandals and rush the Dregs so you can melee them. Your objective is to make it to the far left of the area but feel free to search around.

You should be closing in on Level 2 around this time. When you level up, head to the Character Screen and upgrade the Level 2 ability to gain access to your grenade. Clear out a few more Fallen in the small rooms and you’ll come across the boss of this area.

Make sure to put a point into your character when you level up (left). You can now use grenades. Rahn (right) is a Captain who comes equipped with shields. Use a Special Weapon.

Rahn, Devil Captain

The area you fight in has pillars to duck behind so take out a few of the lesser Fallen from there then reload. Pop out with a grenade to lower Rahn’s shield then unleash bursts at his head to stagger him and cause him to warp around. As the first boss there isn’t too much of a challenge, just duck and cover to regen if you take too much damage. After you clear all the enemies out you’ll be sent into orbit.

The Tower

When you first stop at the Tower head to your Vanguard and equip the new Armor that you’ll get. Afterwards head to the Gunsmith and grab one of four new weapons. With this completed you can visit the Shipwright to acquire your ship. Open Nav Mode and go to Orbit to leave the Tower.

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