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Monster Hunter Rise

Your Room

Shane Williams

Your Room is your personal space to escape the mayhem of Kamura Village. These rooms have been available in previous Monster Hunter Games, but Rise allows you to do much more with it.

Overlook of Your Room.

Room Customization Options

Upon entering your room you’ll find a Buddy board, Item Box and the Housekeeper. This friendly little Palico can allow you to change your room’s interior as well as letting you manage your Meowcenaries, Argosy and Buddy Dojo!.

Available Room Decorations

As you progress through the story you’ll gain access to the following decorations for your room: Hanging Scrolls, Carvings and Pictures. Below you’ll find a list of the available items and how to get them.

  • Hanging Scrolls

Hanging Scrolls can be purchased from Rondine at the Argosy after killing the particular monster 10 times. However, some scrolls can only be unlocked by meeting other requirements, such as defeating Magnamalo in the Village Quest for the Slayer of Malice Scroll.

  • Carvings

Carvings are another form of decoration that can be purchased from Rondine and can be put inside your room. To unlock these you’ll need to find all Hidden Relics which are scattered around the five areas.

Name Description
Arzuros Carving A reward for collecting Shrine Ruins notes. No fish escapes its keen eye!
Magnamalo Carving A reward for collecting all Shrine Ruins notes. It drips with spite and aggression.
Tetranadon Carving A reward for collecting Frost Island notes. Looks real ready to throw down.
Goss Harag Carving A reward for collecting all Frost Island notes. Looks real ready to chop it up.
Bishaten Carving A reward for collecting Flooded Forest notes. All it lacks is fruit to lob about.
Somnacanth Carving A reward for collecting all Flooded Forest notes. Oddly hypnotic to behold.
Izuchi Carving A reward for collecting Sandy Plains notes. All for one and one for all!
Almudron Carving A reward for collecting all Sandy Plains notes. Somehow, someway, it looks slimy.
Aknosom Carving A reward for collecting Lava Caverns notes. There’s a fiery quality about it.
Rakna-Kadaki Carving A reward for collecting all Lava Caverns notes. Creepy and crawly beyond belief.
  • Other Decorations

Outside of Hanging Scrolls and Carvings, you can also acquire other interesting decorations which are listed below:

Name Requirement
Lucky Felyne Unlocked through the Lottery
Wheeled Canyne Toy -
Bombadgy Pot -
Kamura Twins -
Golden Hojo Cast -
Cohoot Lottery -
Mini Toadversary -
Mini Submarine -
Felyne Daruma -
Moofy Doll -
Pure Machalite -
Crystal Cluster -


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