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Arzuros is a Fanged Beast Monster which was introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This Monster has thick claws and a heavy forearm which are capable of dealing heavy blows. You’ll first face this beast during the 2☆ Village Quest “Grizzly Glutton”.

A closer look at an Arzuros.


Compared to the previous encounters in Monster Hunter Rise, Arzuros is still a pretty simple fight, although some of its attacks can be punishing if you’re unaware of them. Thankfully, due to the size of the Monster it’s pretty easy to hit with most weapons, but beware, this beast can rack up some speed if it wants to.

Arzuros relies heavily on its thick claws and heavy forearms to defend itself, so you’ll want to be attacking from behind to avoid taking any unnecessary damage. Finally, make sure to take Honey with you into the Hunt, as Arzuros will steal it and stop to eat it, allowing you to get some easy attacks in.


(1 of 2) Arzuros part and elemental susceptibility.

Arzuros part and elemental susceptibility. (left), Arzuros ailment susceptibility. (right)

Parts Elements Ailments
Head, Abdomen/Hind Leg, Rear Fire & Ice Poison, Paralysis, Sleep and Exhaust.

Attack Patterns

Dash Attack

When Arzuros gets on all fours, move to the side.

Throughout the battle against Arzuros, you’ll notice it will go onto all fours and dash towards you causing you to fall down.

Slash Attack

(1 of 2) When Arzuros leans back roll away

When Arzuros leans back roll away (left), as this indicates that he’ll attempt to swipe you. (right)

This attack can deal a large amount of damage if you get caught by it, but luckily you’ll be able to easily prepare for this move, as Azuros will have to lean before striking.

Grapple Attack

When Arzuros leans in, move back to avoid being grabbed.

As you progress through the battle, Arzuros will attempt to grab you. If successful you’ll not be able to attack for a short amount of time.

Bash Attack

Arzuros will attempt to ram you when you’re behind or to the side of him.

Throughout the battle the Azuros will attempt to ram into you sideways or backwards. However this is one of the more difficult attacks to read as there aren’t really any noticable signs to see when it’s about to occur.


Before entering the battle, make sure you have a weapon with the correct element equipped, so Fire or Ice for this fight. Once you approach Arzuros for the first time, stick to the back as this will allow you to avoid most of its attacks and one of Arzuros’ weak spots is the rear which is a bonus!

During the fight Arzuros will lean back, this indicates that he’ll attempt to slash you with his claws, so roll back to avoid it. You’ll also want to watch out for the sideways or backwards ram which will knock you over leaving you vulnerable to attacks. The best way to avoid this, is to go in for a few hits and get back for a moment before going back in for more.

Throughout the battle Arzuros will get on all fours and dash towards you and knock you down. This is easily avoidable as long as you aren’t too close or mid combo. Finally, Arzuros can grab you, so make sure you have a Wirebug available at all times to escape its grasp.

Material Drops (Low Rank)

Drop list for Low Rank Arzuros.

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Arzuros Shell 39
Arzuros Pelt 17
Arzuros Brace 24
Jumbo Bone 20

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Arzuros Shell 14
Arzuros Pelt 38
Arzuros Brace 18
Jumbo Bone 16
Honey 14

Broken Part Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Arzuros Pelt 20% (Foreleg)
Arzuros Brace 80% (Foreleg)


Material Drop Rate (%)
Arzuros Shell 30 (Body)
Arzuros Pelt 55 (Body)
Jumbo Bone 15 (Body)

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate (%)
Arzuros Shell 40
Arzuros Pelt 60
Arzuros Brace 10
Honey 100
Beast Tear 50
Sushifish 85
Goldenfish 15

Material Drops (High Rank)

Coming Soon!


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