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Lagombi is a Fanged Beast monster that was first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. During the story, it’s first encountered in the 2 Star Quest, Rabbid Rabbit. It’s characterized by it’s ability to slide around the snow and toss Snowballs at its prey.


(1 of 2) Fighting Lagombi in the Frost Islands

Fighting Lagombi in the Frost Islands (left), Lagombi’s profile from the in-game Hunter’s Notes. (right)

Lagombi is another early Large Monster you encounter in your hunting career one of the first unique ones. You should have enough experience with the general game mechanics by the time you encounter Lagombi for the first time and with the new movement abilities in Monster Hunter Rise, you should have no issues tackling the hunt.

As you may expect from the rather large ears on Lagombi, it plays a large factor into it’s hunt and you can exploit it to get a massive advantage against it. Sonic Bombs are the bane of Lagombi and can stun it in place, allowing you ample time to strike the beast. This can also be used to prevent it from sliding around although beware that these will have no effect when Lagombi is enraged.


(1 of 2) Lagombi’s part and elemental susceptibility

Lagombi’s part and elemental susceptibility (left), Lagombi’s ailment susceptibility. (right)

Parts Elements Ailments
Head and Rear Fire and Electric Poison, Paralysis and Blast

Attack Patterns

Triple Swipe

(1 of 2) Lagombi will attempt to swipe at you

Lagombi will attempt to swipe at you (left), potentially following up with two more if you avoid or block the first. (right)

This is one of Lagombi’s tougher attacks to avoid as the regular swipe will be comboed up to three times if he’s not successful at striking you. What’s more, Lagombi will travel a fair distance throughout the duration of this attack so keep an eye out for it to lean backwards to begin the first swipe. If at any point you’re hit by any of these swipes, it’ll knock you back.


(1 of 2) Lagombi has a number of attacks involving tossing Snowballs at you

Lagombi has a number of attacks involving tossing Snowballs at you (left), however, at medium distance the Snowballs should miss you. (right)

Lagombi will use Snowballs against you in a number of ways with the most common being the simple Snowball toss. It can combo this twice and if struck by it, will deal a chunk of damage to you at lower defense levels. This is tricky to avoid when standing next to Lagombi, unless you’re prepared you’ll almost certainly get struck by it however it can also hit you when at long rage. With that said, if you retreat to a medium range, the Snowballs should avoid you or alternatively, block the attack with a shield. Finally, Lagombi can throw a larger Snowball in the air that will leave a pile of snow on the ground, it’ll then attempt to slide through it to attack you, should you find yourself standing in it, it will prevent you from dashing.

Slide Spin

(1 of 2) When you see Lagombi in this position

When you see Lagombi in this position (left), it will attempt a Slide Spin to try and knock you off your feet. (right)

Lagombi will use this attack frequently when attacking head on, it will lean forward on all fours and then follow it up a spin to sweep you off your feet and position itself behind you. This can be a troublesome attack to be struck by as it leaves you open to follow-up attacks from Lagombi from behind. You can deal with this easily by launching yourself in the air with Wirebugs, the Insect Glaive or block/counter through it with a shield-based weapon.

Additionally, Lagombi will perform more regular slides around the arena, with greater frequency when enraged, once it goes on all fours. This can be deadly as it will deal moderate damage everytime it strikes you while knocking you back and it can be hard to track Lagombi’s movement, this is where Sonic Bombs come in use.

Jump Attack

(1 of 3) When you see Lagombi stand up like this

This is Lagombi’s most deadly attack and it can really do a number on you if you suffer damage from both parts to this attack. It is fairly easily to see the tell for this attack however, Lagombi will raise on its hind legs and then leap into the air, coming crashing down in your direction before following up with a roll. It’s an attack where you’re likely to avoid it altogether or suffer the full brunt as the roll will only usually connect if you get hit by the inital Jump. Try to roll to the side to avoid this attack and you’ll be well positioned to get some attacks on its rear.


Lagombi can be a difficult monster if you’re not prepared for it and even more deadly on High Rank where all of its attacks will deal more damage however there are a number of ways to exploit it. Begin by using a weapon with the Fire element if possible, if not, Electric will suffice to still deal more weakness damage to Lagombi. As for armor and Bunny Dangos, consider bringing along Ice Resistance to protect against attacks such as Lagombi’s Snowballs. Finally, be sure to bring Sonic Bombs along with ways to craft more if needed, these will make all the difference to make this a much easier hunt.

Fortunately, depending on where you’re hunting Lagombi, you won’t usually have to contend with smaller monsters like the Baggis and Izuchis from some of the other earlier hunts so you can focus all your attention on Lagombi. Try to avoid striking at Lagombi’s belly, it’s a lot more durable than the rest of its parts and instead focus your attention on its head (where you can break its ears for more materials) or rear which will take increased damage, especially with a Fire or Electric weapon.

Lagombi will give you plenty of time to attack it, especially at the beggining of the hunt where it will spend time roaring at you with you follow-up attacks, take this time to get some well placed strikes at its head. While you’re attacking the head, be on the lookout for its Snowball attacks, if you see the tell, dodge to the side or you’ll most certainly be struck by it unless you possess a shield. The best position to avoid this altogether is from medium range, the Snowballs will outright miss you.

(1 of 4) Lagombi will often Roar, allowing you to get free strikes in against it

Likewise, the Triple Swipe can be a tricky attack to avoid as Lagombi will track you with each one however it will only use as many swipes (up to three) to strike you once, it will however knock you back. The Slide Spin will also be difficult to avoid up close and you’ll want to make use of your Wirebugs to launch in the air to avoid it, the trickiest part about this is that it can be difficult to track it’s position after. The Jump Attack mentioned above will be your biggest concern though, if it connects, you’ll take moderate damage and possibly more from its roll after. If you are using a weapon with a shield or counter however, this is the perfect attack to exploit as it leaves Lagombi wide open following it.

Lagombi’s biggest trait however is its ability to slide around on the ground, often towards you at great pace that will knock you over and deal moderate damage. The speed and frequency of this attack will increase when Lagombi is enraged too so when you see it go on all fours, concentrate on evasion while tracking its movement. This is however the attack you’re looking to exploit as when you use a Sonic Bomb while Lagombi is sliding, it will come to a crashing halt, temporarily stunning it and allowing you time to strike away. You can also use the Sonic Bombs at any other point in the hunt and it will stun in momentarily but you’re better off saving it for when it’s sliding, just beware that it becomes immune when enraged. Outside of Meat, Lagombi is susceptible to all manner of traps, making life even easier for those that come fully prepared.

Material Drops (Low Rank)

Lagombi’s Low Rank drops.

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Lagombi Pelt 22%
Lagombi Plastron 39%
Lagombi Iceclaw 23%
Jumbo Bone 16%

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Lagombi Pelt 16%
Lagombi Plastron 37%
Lagombi Iceclaw 16%
Jumbo Bone 5%
Lagombi Ear 26%

Broken Part Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Lagombi Pelt 20%
Lagombi Ear 80%


Material Drop Rate (%)
Lagombi Pelt 39%
Lagombi Plastron 30%
Lagombi Iceclaw 24%
Jumbo Bone 7%

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate (%)
Lagombi Pelt 50%
Lagombi Plastron 35%
Lagombi Iceclaw 15%
Beast Tear 50%

Material Drops (High Rank)

Coming Soon!


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