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Monster Hunter Rise

Special License Test 1

Vincent Lau

This is a one-time quest available after clearing three 4-star Village Quests. Upon completion, you’ll promote to Hunter Rank 2 and unlock 2-star Hub Quests.

This quest is given if you’ve cleared three 4-star Village Quests while at Hunter Rank 1.

Reward Locale Time Limit
3840z Shrine Ruins 50 minutes

Your mission in this quest is to hunt an Aknosom and Rathian. These are monsters you can encounter in 3-star and 4-star Village Quests.

For those who haven’t undertaken a multiple monster hunt before, they’re probably easier than you think. Generously, the game will massively reduce the HP of the target monsters. So if there are two target monsters, you don’t have to spend twice the amount of time. With luck, you’ll be done before you know it!

Preparing for the Hunt

(1 of 2) Aknosom and Rathian are both weak to Water.

Aknosom and Rathian are both weak to Water. (left), You could also eat dango with Immunizer and Fire Resistance. (right)

The monsters you’ll be fighting both have fire-breathing attacks. So it’d be great for your health to bring armor with high Fire resistance. The Aknosom armor should do fine; if you’re concerned, upgrade it with Armor Spheres. For weapons, Water-based ones would be nice to have. At this point in time, you can forge the Tetranadon tree.

Otherwise, do your usual preparations. If you’re the type who likes capturing monsters, you should obviously prepare twice the number of traps. So bring a Pitfall and Shock Trap with you, plus keep some backups in your item box, which you can grab via the Tent if you mess up (hey, it happens sometimes).

Aknosom should be fairly straightforward to handle–and you already fought one in an Urgent Quest. On the other hand, Rathian can be challenging for new hunters. If you want to practice, you can hunt a Rathian in the 4-star Village Quest, “The Queen’s Procession”.

Early Stages of the Hunt

Only Aknosom and Rathian appear in this quest.

The starting positions of Aknosom and Rathian appear to be largely random. It seems Rathian spawns more frequently nearer the start area, but it can also spawn in a faraway corner. In any case, your first move is to decide which monster to take down first.

It largely boils down to your personality, but we like to take on the strongest monster first–in this case, the Rathian. That way, if you get slightly tired out after hunting the first monster, at least the second monster will be easier to defeat.


Attack Patterns

(1 of 2) Aknosom about to do a Beak Stab.

Aknosom about to do a Beak Stab. (left), Watch out as it may follow up with more Beak Stabs. (right)

Beak Stab - A basic, but annoying attack. Aknosom will fan out its collar, then briefly stand on one leg. It’ll then quickly turn and slam its beak into the ground. When angry, it can do this attack two or three times in a row, with a brief pause in-between.

Wing Attack - Watch out if Aknosom starts hopping around on one foot, like it’s “dancing”. This means it’s about to do a big sweeping wing attack. Occasionally it’ll do another of these after the first one. During this move, Aknosom may tighten its collar (like a closed parasol).

Leg Slam - This is a somewhat rare attack where the Aknosom lifts its leg talons up, flies slightly up and then slams its legs straight forward. Afterwards, it’ll usually transition to a different move like the beak stab or wing attack.

(1 of 2) Don’t lower your guard when Aknosom charges in the opposite direction.

Don’t lower your guard when Aknosom charges in the opposite direction. (left), Instead, get ready to move out the way or guard/counter. (right)

Charging Attack - Aknosom will rush backwards and bow down, before charging straight ahead at high speed. If Aknosom misses, it’ll comedically topple over, giving you a chance to wallop it. When Aknosom’s collar is fanned out, it may charge in the opposite direction, while swerving all over the place. You can wiredash to leap out of the way.

Fireballs - There are a few varations of this. Aknosom may swirl its head around, before shooting three fireballs forward. Or it can hover in the air and shoot fireballs; after the first bunch of fireballs, it may rotate in the air and shoot some more. Finally, it can launch multiple fireballs upwards–this is preceded by an audible warning.


Attack Patterns

Bite - A simple attack where Rathian uses her jaws to bite you. She can do it while stationary or after lunging forward. You don’t get a lot of reaction time, but if you make a habit of dodging to the side, you should be OK.

(1 of 2) The fireballs have a fairly long wind-up time.

The fireballs have a fairly long wind-up time. (left), So you can use this chance to attack or move closer. (right)

Fireballs - Rathian can shoot a single fireball in front. Or three fireballs in quick succession, aiming towards the middle, left and right (your perspective). Before she shoots a fireball, she’ll twirl her head around while stationary. As long as you’re not directly in front, you can use this opportunity to attack or move closer.

Double Tail Spin - Look out for when Rathian is looking sideways on the ground (like she wants to chase her tail). She’ll spin around 180 degrees, whacking unsuspecting hunters with her long tail. Right afterwards, she’ll do another 180 degree spin to return to her original position. You can keep your distance or go underneath her legs.

Tail Whip - This is the move you want to avoid. There’s always an audible warning before it’s used. Rathian will fly up and do a somersault, swinging her long tail forwards. If you’re hit by it, it will do a lot of damage and inflict poison. Rathian can use this move from the ground or while in mid-air. Also, she can use it frequently.

Charge - Rathian may start charging around the place. When she stops, she’ll turn around and change direction and repeat this until she’s charged 3 times or so. At the end of the final charge, her legs will buckle down. However, it’s still not 100% safe, because Rathian will chain another move (she can even do another round of charging).

(1 of 2) If the queen flies up and there’s no audible warning, expect an Aerial Dive.

If the queen flies up and there’s no audible warning, expect an Aerial Dive. (left), Prepare to dodge or guard. (right)

Aerial Dive - While in the air, Rathian can swoop down at great speed. Despite Rathian’s big size, the hitbox for this move is fairly narrow–confined to her body, not wings. So you can avoid it by dodging to the side. You can recognize this move because Rathian will fly up and no audible warning will trigger.


There are two ways to begin this quest. One, since the monsters start separated, you can treat it like a regular solo hunt. In which case, go and seek out the monster you’re planning to fight first. Or, since there are two monsters, you can lure them to each other and make them fight one other. To do this, pick up a Stinkmink (you can find them listed as Hunting Helpers in your map) and use it near one of the monsters.

(1 of 2) Here, Aknosom manages to stun Rathian.

Here, Aknosom manages to stun Rathian. (left), Time to use Rathian to smash up Aknosom for a bit! (right)

Even if you don’t use a Stinkmunk, eventually, as the fight goes on, there’s a decent chance the two monsters will end up meeting. When the monsters meet, they will completely ignore you (since you’re literally a smaller threat) and fight each other instead. After a while, one of the monsters will become stunned. You can then use this chance to Wyvern Ride the stunned monster.

Other than that, there’s not much else to it. Just keep your wits as usual, especially when fighting the Rathian. Since the monsters have lower HP, you may be surprised how quickly they tire. After beating the first monster, feel free to take a short break. Fast travel to your camp if needed, to restock via the Tent. Then press on and beat up the second monster with the same gusto as before.

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