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This page will give you the rundown on who and what you can expect to find in Kamura Village. Further details on each NPC/Facility can be found here:

Overlook of Kamura Village

NPCs in Kamura Village

There’s a total of 12 NPCs that can be found in Kamura Village. However, seven of them offer services whereas the other five mainly just give you requests.

Important NPCs

  • Fugen the Elder

Fugen the Elder can be found to the north of Steelworks. He is the leader of Kamura Village and will give you quests throughout the game.

  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden

Hinoa can be found sitting on a bench in Steelworks. Her job is giving out the Village Quests to you. She can also assist you in Rampages.

Yomogi is in charge of the Tea Shop which can be found in Steelworks. She is working hard to make sure you have a constant supply of Bunny Dango available before you depart on Quests. However, she’ll require you to complete Village, Hub, and Requests in order to keep up the supply.

Buddy Smithy Kisaki and Hamon the Blacksmith can be found at the Smithy. Hamon will craft/upgrade any equipment for your Hunter and Kisaki will use the scrap from your crafted equipment and will create armor and weapons for your buddies.

  • Kagero the Merchant

Kagero can be found nearby Hinoa at the Steelworks. He sells important supplies which you can use on your Hunts.

  • Senri the Mailman

Senri can be found nearby Hinoa at the Steelworks. You can speak with him to set your game into Online mode which can allow other people to join you.

Side NPCs

  • Housekeeper

The Housekeeper can be found in your private Room. Speaking with him can allow you to customize your room as well as sending your buddies to the Dojo for further training.

  • Komitsu the Sweettooth

Komitsu can be found in Steelworks and sells delicious apples.

  • Canyne Master Inukai

Inukai can be found working near the southern bridge. He will send you out on Requests related to Palamutes and will reward with his latest creation.

  • Senior Hunter Hanenaga

Hanenaga can be found standing nearby the bridge that leads to the Buddy Plaza. He will give you quests related to Endemic Life.

  • Umbrella Merchant Hinami

Hinami can be found at her stall which is located near the southern exit. She’ll give you Requests as you progress throughout the game.

(1 of 2) Speak with Hanon to craft/upgrade equipment.

Speak with Hanon to craft/upgrade equipment. (left), Speak with Yomogi for your daily supply of Bunny Dango (right)

Facilities in Kamura Village

  • Buddy Board

The Buddy Board can be throughout Kamura Village. This can be used to manage your Buddies from adjusting their skills to appearance.

  • Courier

The Courier who is managed by Senri can be used to switch your game from Offline to Online.

  • Market

The Market who is managed by Kagero can be used to purchase useful items.

  • Smithy

The Smithy who is managed by Hamon and Kisaki can craft armor and weapons for your Hunter and your Buddies.

  • Tea Shop

The Tea Shop which is managed by Yomogi can be used to purchase Dango which offers useful buffs for your upcoming hunts.


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