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Monster Hunter Rise

Urgent: Can't Kill It with Fire

Vincent Lau

How to Can’t Kill It with Fire

This page will guide you through the “How to Can’t Kill It with Fire” Urgent Hub Quest, where you’re tasked with hunting a Rakna-Kadaki.

This Urgent Quest is unlocked after completing 5 unique 6-star Hub Quests. Upon completion of this quest, you’ll be promoted to HR7 and unlock 7-star Hub Quests.

“Can’t Kill It with Fire” is unlocked after completing 5 unique 6-star Hub Quests.

Reward Locale Time Limit
12,240z Lava Caverns 50 minutes

Preparing for the Hunt

As always, don’t neglect to make thorough preparations. Firstly, bring a fire extinguisher… Oh wait, they haven’t been invented yet. Nevermind. Grab yourself an Ice-based weapon (eg. Barioth) if possible. Or maybe Water ones (eg. Tetranadon and Mizutsune).

Protection-wise, prioritize Fire Resistance to weaken Rakna-Kadaki’s flamethrowers. Aim for at least 20, using a combination of your armor, Dango, Decorations and Talismans. Should be simple at this stage. That way, you’ll nullify Fireblight. Also, bring Cleansers in case you’re trapped by web.

Rakna-Kadaki Location

Once you’ve started the quest, the giant creepy spider can be found in the following areas:

Rakna-Kadaki’s possible starting locations.

Area Chance
14 60%
5 30%
11 10%

If it spawns in Areas 11 and 14, those are underground and located near Sub-Camp 1. Meanwhile, if it’s wandering around Area 5, you can head there from the main camp, by cutting through Areas 1 and 4.

How to defeat Rakna-Kadaki

As far as high difficulty quests go, this one shouldn’t be too troublesome. Of course, you’ll need to keep your wits. Otherwise, you risk being entangled by Rakna-Kadaki’s webs or, worse, burned alive.

Although Rakna-Kadaki can seem intimidating, it’s not as aggressive or fast as, say, Zinogre or Nargacuga. Many of its attacks are frontal or have really obvious tells, so they’re easy to avoid. If you’re standing by its side, the Claw Sweep can be hard to see though. Also, if you want to maximize your damage, you need to hit its head.

(1 of 2) Bring Cleansers!

Bring Cleansers! (left), In case this happens… (right)

The first thing to watch out for are Rakna-Kadaki’s various web-based attacks. It can shoot strings of web from its mouth or launch small web balls from its abdomen. These inflict the Webbed status, making you unable to move. That’s where a Cleanser comes in handy. Otherwise, keep trying to move and you’ll eventually break free.

Next, beware of Rakna-Kadaki’s flame-based attacks. These are all preceded by red gas and you get plenty of time to react. Either move away or block with a shield, if you’ve got one. Initially, you’ll probably keep seeing Rakna’s Side Flamethrower attack. But it has a dangerous sweeping version and its ultimate move is a Mega Flamethrower!

When the going gets tough, don’t forget you can shoot web yourself! Use your wirebugs to pull yourself to safety. For the sweeping flamethrowers, you can launch yourself up and hang in the air, admiring the flames. Or, if you’re gung-ho, you could shoot yourself towards Rakna instead.

(1 of 2) In its initial form, Rakna-Kadaki’s claws have thick webbing on them.

In its initial form, Rakna-Kadaki’s claws have thick webbing on them. (left), Its second form has an oversized abdomen and naked claws. (right)

As the fight progresses, Rakna-Kadaki can shift between two distinct modes. In its initial Webbed Claw state, there will be thick webbing on its four claws, used for walking. In this state, Rakna-Kadaki will frequently detach a Rachnoid from its abdomen and sling itself around the battlefield.

If you keep attacking one of its claws, you can remove the webbing from it, exposing the claw. Do this a second time and the webbing will be removed from all of Rakna’s claws–and the giant spider will topple over, becoming defenseless for a moment. Feel free to get some hits in, but be prepared to move aside when Rakna stands up again.

Rakna-Kadaki will surround itself with web and re-emerge with an enlarged abdomen. This is its Incubating state. Rakna won’t sling itself around, but many of its attacks will be powered up–especially ones that use its abdomen. Eventually, Rakna’s abdomen will lose its webbing and it’ll surround itself with web again, cycling back to its initial form.


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