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Monster Hunter Rise

The Hottest Around

Shane Williams

How to complete The Hottest Around

This page is a walkthrough for the Quest, The Hottest Around. It will navigate you through the necessary steps to successfully defeating Tetranadon and Volvidon.

The Hottest Around Quest becomes available when you reach 5 Village Quests.

Reward Locale Time Limit
4200z Lava Caverns 50 minutes

Tetranadon and Volvidon Locations

Once you’ve accepted the quest, be sure to consume some delicious Bunny Dango and equip yourself with a Thunder or Water based weapon before departing. You’ll be able to find Tetranadon and Volvidon in the following locations.

  • Tetranadon
Area Chance
3 60%
9 30%
10 10%
  • Volvidon
Area Chance
5 60%
12 30%
11 10%

How to defeat Tetranadon and Volvidon


Tetrandon is an Amphibian type monster which was first added to Monster Hunter Rise. This monster has a major weakness to Thunder. Tetrandon likes to throw stuff to defend itself, as he will spit out three water balls in its small form, but if it grows then it’ll shoot a large water ball and can pick up large rocks to throw at you. For an in-depth strategy to tackling Tetrandon, refer to our separate Tetrandon page.

(1 of 3) head to area 5 to find Volvidon and area 3 to find Tetranadon.


Volvidon is a Fanged Beast type monster which was first introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This monster has a major weakness to Water. Volvidon defends itself multiple ways, such as using its tongue to knock you down or it will spit at you inflicting Paralysis. For an in-depth strategy to tackling Volvidon, refer to our separate Volvidon page.

Return to Kamura Village

Once you’ve defeated Tetranadon and Volvidon, return to Kamura Village and speak with Hinoa to bring this quest to a close.


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