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Monster Hunter Rise

Urgent: Dead Ringer

Vincent Lau

How to complete Dead Ringer

This page will guide you through the Dead Ringer Urgent Hub Quest, where you’re tasked with hunting a Tetranadon.

This Urgent Quest is unlocked after completing four 1-star Key Quests in the Gathering Hub and will promote you to HR2, unlocking 2-star Hub Quests.

The Dead Ringer quest is unlocked after completing four unique 1-star Key Quests.

Reward Locale Time Limit
3960z Shrine Ruins 50 minutes

Preparing for the Hunt

Before tackling the quest, take the time to re-evaluate your gear. The previous hunts may have been easy, but you’ll need to step up your game a bit more, now that you’re entering 2-star territory. If you’re doing this quest in multiplayer, you may get carried by the others, but it’s nice to contribute rather than be dead weight.

(1 of 2) Be sure to upgrade or forge better weapons, so you’re not using the weak base weapon.

Be sure to upgrade or forge better weapons, so you’re not using the weak base weapon. (left), Also, treat yourself to a meal before the hunt! (right)

For weapons, if you haven’t upgraded from your base weapon already, do so now. The Ore tree should suffice for your needs–you can grab the materials from mining outcrops in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. Meanwhile your armor isn’t too important; feel free to scrap together whatever you can using monster materials earned from the Key Quests.

Lastly, if you haven’t made a habit of doing so, eat a Dango meal from the Felynes’ kitchen in the Gathering Hub or Yomogi’s kitchen along the way here. Go and select whatever three special effects you want–the most useful thing at this stage (until better effects are unlocked) is really the HP and Stamina boost.

On that note, remember to restock on potions and rations. Plus bring some Nulberries as Tetranadon can inflict Waterblight with some of its attacks. This annoying ailment reduces the speed at which your stamina recovers, which isn’t good if you need to run to avoid Tetranadon’s dashing attack, for instance.

Tetranadon Location

Once you’ve accepted the quest, Tetranadon can be found in the following areas:

Tetranadon’s possible starting locations.

Area Chance
6 60%
9 30%
13 10%

If Tetranadon is in Area 6, head north through Area 1 and then cut through Area 4. Alternatively, you can follow the stream west from Area 1, then cut through Area 2. You will need to climb, unless you’ve activated the great wirebugs in Area 2.

Meanwhile, if it’s in Area 9 or 13, you’ve got a far longer trek. However, if you’ve unlocked the Shrine Ruins’s Sub-Camp, which is around Area 10, you can quickly reach those two locations from there.

How to defeat Tetranadon

(1 of 2) Tetranadon will eat fish, rocks, whatever it can get its grubby mitts on.

Tetranadon will eat fish, rocks, whatever it can get its grubby mitts on. (left), Attacking its bloated stomach can deflate it, causing it to fall over. (right)

Tetranadon is another newcomer to Monster Hunter Rise. Compared to many monsters you’ve fought previously, it has a larger arsenal of moves and can be surprisingly difficult. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this beast because of its appearance!

During the fight, Tetranadon can gorge itself with food, inflating its body. Doing so will slow down Tetranadon, but enpower its attacks. If you whack Tetranadon’s stomach enough, you can forcefully deflate it and cause it to be stunned for a while.

Otherwise, the main thing to keep in mind is that many of Tetranadon’s attacks are aimed straight ahead. So keeping to the sides or behind is relatively safe. To deal more damage and break its parts, you’ll need to hit it front-on though. Do that if you must, but make sure to move out of the way or block when it looks dangerous.


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