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Monster Hunter Rise

What is Endemic Life

Shane Williams

Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise is much more expanded upon then how it was in Monster Hunter: World. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Endemic Life and how to make use of them.

Info on every Endemic Life can be found in the Hunters Notes.

Types of Endemic Life

As you explore the different areas in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll find the following types of Endemic Life. Permabuffers, Hunting Helpers, Temp Buffers, Ensnaring Life and Crafty Creatures.

Permabuffers / Temp Buffers

Permabuffers and Temp Buffers Endemic Life are Creatures which can offer both permanent and temporary benefits for the quest you’re currently in. For example, If you interact with a Red Spiribird you’ll be granted with a permanent attack boost. However, if you interact with a Butterflame you’ll be given a boost to attack strength for a short period of time. You’ll need to interact with another Butterflame to acquire the buff again.

Hunting Helpers

Hunting Helpers are creatures you can find in the world which you can pick up and use against the bosses later in the fight. Each one offers a different effect, so Poisontoad will poison the enemy whereas a Firebeetle will inflict fireblight when thrown at the enemy. You can also interact with some creatures that’ll benefit you in the battle, such as Escuregot which can heal you.

(1 of 2) Clothfly.

Clothfly. (left), Green Spritbird. (right)

Ensnaring Life

Ensnaring Life can be found at random locations within the map and cannot be moved, so you’ll need to bring the monster you’re fighting to in order to trigger the effect on it. Each Ensnaring Life has a different effect, so Flashfly will trigger a bright light, causing the enemy to be briefly stunned.

Crafty Creatures

Crafty Creatures can be found around the world. Attacking them will cause them to drop useful materials, such as ore.


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